Friday , 25 June 2021

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4.13 Patch Notes – Spoils

Skins Voice Pack Sample Da Ji Freya Kuzenbo Cupid Cernunnos No Voicepack Kukulkan Skadi Changes on Items Following items are changed or added as new. I have no text data for them tho, just the image & name. Atalantas Bow Rangdas Mask Druid Ring Toxic Blade Hastened Ring Hastened Katana Hastened Bow T1 Hastened Fatalis T3 Rage T3

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Hand of The Gods Datamining 0.25 – Mayan Cards

Been a while since I did my “Smite Tactics” datamining, downloaded the game few days ago and decided to do a new datamining. Hopefully I’ll be continuing depending on how much interest I see into my posts.

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4.12 Patch Notes – New skins Spoiled

Skins Voice Pack Sample Ra Hou Yi Aphro Izanami Has no voice pack (Or at least didn’t find) Ares Has no voice pack Cupid Skadi Cards incoming: Ra, Izanami, Aphro, Hou Yi Next Reveal No more reveals planned @SmiteDatamining

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4.11 Patch Notes – New skins Spoiled

Skins Voice Pack Sample Anubis Nox Tyr Odin Camazotz -> t2 Cupid Aphrodite Osiris Dark Night White Knight Code of Chivalry Event No extra info for now, check datamining for what’s been known so far. Next Reveal No more spoils planned, keep an eye on twitter in the case there’s more. @SmiteDatamining

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