Sunday , 10 March 2024

ATLAS Dev 2.0 Datamining

So, this post will cover during this weekend the whole information I’m able to get from the files.


  • What’s this?
    • This is Smite Datamining, I mostly do Smite datamining but have done for Gigantic, Paladins, Star Citizen, SWTOR and a few more games in the previous years.
  • What do I need from the readers?
    • Since the game is new, and I’m not a really user from ARK, I need the users to understand some data may be revealed as ATLAS exclusive but it was originally from ARK. Before posting I usually take a verify process with friends who discard the ark data, but I may miss some things.

Reddit post discussion in the case you want to comment




Image gallery below

The process if the uploading is:

  1. Model upload with animation in sketchfab
  2. Adding Textures
  3. Uploading other interesting animations
  4. Check twitter for when I update

About FAERayo

Datamining Smite since 2013 and Paladins since 2015.Game dev
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