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Smite Datamining Memories #3 Siege Mode, Horde Mode, Cacodemon

Hey there;

Christmas is boring and there’s nothing to publish so it’s time to bring another datamining post from the past.

During this datamining we discovered there would be an Horde mode, battle defense and temple defense game mode, which looks like Hi-Rez didn’t end publishing.

We discovered also there would be a Siege Mode map, I didn’t fail there.

And there was also the Cacodemon Ymir, which ended up being an exclusive beta skin.

Hope you like this episode, this is a fully copy-paste so it looks like it looked.

We’ve found several files containing the following info.

We are currently speculating about what it could be since it names Horde Mode and Siege Mode, also the Cacodemon Ymir’s skin appear to be an NPC too whit the following skills.


The following info is just speculation based on what we find on Smite files and how we interpret what we find.

All of this info might not be final and Hi-Rez can change anything in any time.

Please do not spread this info like if it was official. This information does not pretend to interfere with or harm Hi-Rez studios in any way.

*Disclaimer*: I’m not responsible of what people does with this information.


Not Horde Mode

  • Shadow Cyclops
  • Bone Club ¿?

Cacodemon fire NPC

  • Skill 1: Cacodemon summons a fire wall in front of him, dealing damage, slowing enemies by 40% for 3s and blocking movement for 4s.
  • Skill 2: ?
  • Skill 3: ?
  • Ultimate: Cacodemon’s ultimate. Deals damage in an area for 5s.

Cacodemon rock NPC

  • Skill 1: Spiked Wall -> Cacodemon summons a spiked rock wall in front of him, dealing damage, stunning enemies hit for 2s and blocking movement for 5s.
  • Skill 2: ?
  • Skill 3: ?
  • Ultimate: Cacodemon’s ultimate. Deals damage in an area for 5s.

Greater Demon

  • Skill 1: Greater demon’s rock wall
  • Skill 2: Greater Demon’s spiked wall
  • Skill3: Spiked Boulder

Lesser Demon

  • Lesser Demon’s single target pull-in attack
  • Demon Tongue

Horde Mode Info

Tip1: Since we don’t have it confirmed and it may change, there may be different “Horde Mode” gamemodes, remember this info is not final.

Battle Defense Map

Defend your Guardian from the evil hordes of the elder gods.
Personal Opinion: Defending a map against hordes of minions,demons and bosses.

Temple Defense Map

  • Nothing about it for now
  • Personal Opinion: Some kind of Temple with minions like for example 20 hordes, and then a boss appears.. like so many PvE MMORPGS.

Siege Mode Info

This Mode is about sieging, we don’t know which map could be, but i think it may be Mayan (2014 edit: you’re right dude!) or maybe Asgard one.
There will be 2 main features (for now)

  1. The Catapult (Already datamined by Arremer in the past)
  2. A kind of Cat (like bastet ones) but bigger, which i hope we can ride. (2014 edit: That’s for awilix, you dumb!)


  • Edit1: It’s late now, can’t find anything else right now, tomorrow i will update with some info and hopefully we end discovering what’s up with that cacodemon 😛
  • Edit2: Added some Not Horde Mode info, added the info in the right section, added some Horde Mode info.
  • Edit3: Added some more info on Siege Mode, and Personal Opinions on modes. That’s all for this post until next week maybe.
  • Edit4: Added some npc minion names, greater and lesser demon.

Credits: Thanks to Adib, Arremer, Deamon, timmy and tweak for helping and working together to find the content. We will be working together.

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