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Smite Datamining Memories #4 – AI Improvement

We’re back with Smite Memories.. a series that picks up old 2013 datamining posts in reddit.

Estimated time: Around March-April 2013.

This datamining was getting info about the BOTS getting updated with a more intelligent A.I. As we can see now this datamining was calling what would come next, Practice mode and better intelligence for units.

So here you have the post:


The following info is just speculation based on what we find on Smite plain text files and how we interpret what we find. There’s no any 3rd party software accessing the data within smite client. All of this info is not final and Hi-Rez can change anything in any time. Please do not spread this info like if it was official, because it’s not. This information does not pretend to interfere with or harm Hi-Rez studios in any way, It’s just all speculation about what’s coming. *Disclaimer*: I’m not responsible of what people does with this information.


First of all I want to clarify this info is not 100% true because it may change or not implemented at end.

In another Datamining Wave i found the following:

Smite AI Test

AI Test Map (Single Lane)
Vesuvius AI Test Single Lane Map
Battle AI Test Map

Seems like they’re testing the new AI in the older and newer maps.

AI Inteligence

Most of you, I’m sure, if you played Joust Practice before Neith patch, and after Neith patch you will know the AI works better and they’re more aggresive.

This might been only the first step of the uncoming improvement.

What’s new?

A new file appears in the latest patch, including several new AI behaviors and of course improvement of the earliers.

  1. They know when and how to retreat now.
  2. They know who’s their target and when it’s eliminated. (Which means they can retreat,etc).
  3. They now can move from lane to follow their target ( This includes 3 lane AI and Jungle AI as it works now).
  4. They can play emotes (Didn’t see it yet, but may come in next patchs).
  5. They Recognize now the Health and Mana Bar percent (Which may include using Abilities to save their ass).
  6. They can Purchase Skills (I think it’s meant to abilities, as point 5 and 6 make sense together).
  7. They now use devices (Wards?).
  8. They attack devices (Wonder if it affects Ward and other things like Vulcan’s Turret)
  9. As i said in Point 5, they can target low HP since they recognize it.
  10. They understand when they are and you are in Minotaur/tower attack radius.
  11. They always know their level.
  12. They know the distance of nearest god (Oh cheaters).
  13. They recognize if you are using an hostile ability (Wonder if it means Speed and so too).
  14. There’s something about Comment (I gues VGS Commands)

Another Behaviors.

  1. They avoid obstacles.
  2. They run to the fountain.
  3. If an AI is disconnected it runs to fountain.
    1. Explaining Point 3: I think this reffers to when a person is Disconnected, it becomes an AI

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