Saturday , 9 March 2024

Smite Datamining – Smite 2 could be available in March

There have been numerous rumors about Smite 2 surfacing recently, and there’s an imminent expectation of Smite 2’s announcement during the 2024 SWC on Sunday. With this in mind, we took some time to do a deep scan of the files, which I actually do from time to time to find some info I could miss during the quick datamining …

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Smite Datamining – AI Assistant that makes you a Smite God, AI bots to populate queue and Ix Chel has AI abilities

  Changelog Added ai assistant and bots Added Ix chel info AI Bots Seems like Hi-Rez is preparing a new AI for bots based on chatgpt and other new generation AIs: Bots will be included in the normal and competitive queues, this seems an action to avoid large queue times and populate the game Players will be able to play …

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