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Paladins 0.11 Datamining – Domination is back?



Domination is now listed in the gamemode list, featuring Temple Ruins and Enchanted Forest.

Escort / Payload Mode

  • Help escort the Siege Engine to the enemy base.
  • Help defend against attackers by knocking out enemies and their Siege Engine.

Adding latest post information

Hi-Rez is testing a new game mode, Push, also known as Payload. This game mode would feature Temple Ruins and Enhanced Forest map.

The Push game mode is the same as Siege mode but has a major diference, you must push your siege engine by standing near it.

  • Version of Siege where capturing the point gives your team a window of time to push the siege enginetoward the enemy vault by standing near it.
  • Push the Payload
    • Stand near the payload to push it towards the enemy base.
  • Defend the Payload
    • Stand near the payload to prevent it from pushing.
  • The payload is now inactive. A new capture point will spawn soon.

New Champion – Kinessa

Kinessa is a known champion since last patch, to find more info please read last datamining post.

  • Steady Shot Beam
  • BoobyTrap

New Champion – Grover

Grover, that’s the name of a new possible champion.

  • Human Warrior
    • Human Aspiring To Be A Tree
  • Has a Root ability

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