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Paladins 0.12.2773.3 Datamining – New Extinction Map

Not too much new info inside this patch except a new map with interesting possibilities

WARNING – The following displayed information is taken directly from Paladins files with datamining techniques. This means it’s not final info and may change in the near future as well as never coming into Live Client. Read this carefully and make your own oppinion.


  • Sensor
    • Kinessa tosses out a sensor device that attaches itself to terrain and reveals enemies (to Kinessa) in a 25ft radius sphere.


New Map

  • Extinction

New Map BOTs or just Hi-Rez messing

These 2 bots could be from Extinction map, make sure to do your own opinion but it looks like an Horde Mode or something like so.

  • Jurassic Ted
    • Jurassic Ted, the legendary Tricerasaurus Raptor raised from the dead, has come to unleash a wave of unrelenting misery upon the world. With his horde of undying minions, all who stand in his way will be made to surrender their crystals or perish. Unless the noble Champions of the Realm can come together to defeat him, Jurassic Ted will smite this land into oblivion. Also, he has cookies. Mmmm, cookies.
  • Tragodar
    • Tragodar has come to warn the Champions of the impending return of Jurassic Ted, his former master. Because Jurassic Ted is immortal, the only way to defeat him is to go back in time and prevent the acursed necromancer from creating him in the first place. Unbeknowst to our heroes, Tragodar’s true intentions are to go back and enslave Jurassic Ted, instead using him to conquer the galaxy and make cookies illegal across all of time and space.

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