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Paladins Datamining – Androxus, Skins, New Cards, Competitive Queue, VGS

New Paladins post mixing info from the latest 2 patches.Androxus

Androxus seems to be one of the next playable champion in Paladins. We already had Evie ready and looks like Androxus will be ready soon.

We already have his skills datamined, so if you want to check them, please click here.


  • Barik Default
  • Fernando Default
  • Fernando Smite Ares
  • Cassie Default
  • Skye Ninja


  • Panther
  • Lion
  • Infernal Warhorse
  • Horse
  • Boar

New Items/Cards

  • [Turret] Deals {15/30/45/60/75}% more damage to the Siege Engine.
  • Well Rested
    • When above 80% Health, your Attack Speed is increased by {20/40/60/80/100}%
  • Berserk
    • Attack Speed for each 1% missing of your health.
    • Also Does + or – damage Mounted, behind target, siege…
  • From Above
    • [Weightless] You may now fire while using Weightless, and deal {6/12/18/24/30}% more damage.
  • Big Game
    • Weapon shots extra damage equal to 1-5% of your target max health.
  • Fuel Reserves
    • [Hover] Increase duration by {25/50/75/100/125}%
  • Incitement
    • [Dodge Roll] Instantly reduce Cooldown by {2/4/6/8/10}s if your first shot after rolling hits a target.
  • Exaction
    • [Dodge Roll] First shot after rolling deals {100/200/300/400/500} bonus damage.
  • Circle of Life
    • [Time Bomb] Enemies hit spawn an HP Drop that heals for {100/200/300/400/500}-
  • Impulse
    • Your Movement Speed is slowed.
  • Bombardment
    • [Hover] Drop bombs that explode dealing {50/100/150/200/250} damage below you during Hover.
  • Accelerator Field
    • [Barricade] Allies that walk through Barricade gain {20/40/60/80/100}% Movement Speed for 3s.
  • Burning Rage
    • [Turret] When below 30% Health, your Turrets fire {20/40/60/80/100}% faster.
  • Targeting
    • [Turret] Increase the range of your turrets by {10/20/30/40/50}% and increase their Health by 500.
  • Dire Need
    • [Shield] Allies within 30 feet gain a 100/200/300/400/500 damage shield for 5 seconds when you activate your Shield.
  • Penetrate
    • [Dual Fire] Your weapon shots pierce through targets while Dual Fire is active and deal 5/10/15/20/25% more damage
  • Dugout
    • [Barricade] Allies behind Barricade have 5/10/15/20/25% Damage Reduction and are immune to Crowd Control effects.
  • Bleeding Heart
    • [Charge] Targets you Charge spawn 3 HP Drops that heal for 75/150/225/300/375.
  • Prey
    • [Scout] Zigs attacks a nearby enemy upon activation, dealing 75/150/225/300/375 damage over 4s.


  • System is adding alerts (Probably announcements) when capturing, destroying gate, vault or siege.
  • Added Home, Vault, Store tabs
  • Show Game Tips


  • Competitive
  • Competitive Temple Ruins
  • Competitive Enchanted Forest
  • Casual Enchanted Forest
  • Casual Temple Ruins

VGS Menu

The menu is very complete now, I’m posting only some of them.

  • Attack the Middle
  • Enemies on the point!
  • Defend the Siege Engine!
  • Joke (Emote)
  • Laugh (Emote)
  • Taunt (Emote)
  • Awesome
  • Wohoo
  • You Rock
  • Legendary is down!
  • Legendary is ready!

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