Tuesday , 1 June 2021

Paladins Datamining – More cards, Card Crafting and latest UI updates

Paladins arrives in only 2 days! Get ready for it and know latest game information.

New Cards / Skills effects

  • [Stealth] Gain 40% damage for 3s after exiting Stealth
  • [Turret] Shots slow targets by 40%  2s
  • [Rocket Boots] Knock Up targets you boost through and Slow them by 40% for 3s
  • Deploy a rock wall that blocks movement.
  • -25% Dmg * Barricade
  • [Time Bomb] Deals 20% more damage per enemy player hit.
  • Regenerate 240 Health every second while standing still after a 1s delay.
  • Deal 80% more damage to objectives and player-made defenses.
  • While standing on a Capture Point, you spawn a HP Drop every 5 seconds that heals for 400.
  • Gain +15% Attack Speed each time you hit an enemy, stacking up to 5 times. Missing resets your stacks.
  • [Scout] While Scout is active, gain 100% Lifesteal.
  • [Adhesive] Enemies inside Adhesive take 100 damage every second.
  • [Ghost Walk] When Ghost Walk ends, deal 400 damage in an area around you.
  • [Shield] While Shield is active and you are below 50% Health, you heal 150 Health per second.
  • Enemies that die nearby grant 7% damage reduction. Stacks 5 times and resets on death.

Other Features

  • Champion Overview
    • Hold K to see Champion details.

Card Crafting


New UI

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