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Paladins OB 35 Datamining – Stealth Longbow Champion and Ymir

Stealth Longbow champion is arriving to Paladins while also Ymir appeared in files, is he coming to Paladins as a playable champion?

Post is now under finished stage, this means all the important data is added but some things may be missing, check back in some hours or tomorrow!

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Longbow Champion

Longbow is one of the next playable Champion. For the moment there’s no name for him except “Longbow”.

  • Weapon: Crossbow
  • Fires: Arrows
  • Alt Fire: Impaler Arrow
  • Devices / Possible skills
    • Decoy Spawn
    • Molotov Projectile
    • Stealth


Ymir appears inside files as a Bot. At the moment I’m not sure if they’re just testing, copy-pasted smite’s ymir or they’re adding him as a playable champion. We will see in time.

  • Ymir
    • The Kinda Chilly, So Bring A Sweater
  • Ymir Inhand
    • This is totally not Grover’s axe.
  • Skill – Glacial Strike
  • Skill – Ice Wall
  • Skill – Frost Breath
    • Breath mints are really getting strong these days
  • Shards of Ice

New Map: Sundial

A new map is now mentioned inside files, it’s called Sundial.

New Map & Gamemode: Skirmish & Test Arena

Skirmish is a new game mode mentioned in files, while there’s no real info about it, we can try guess they’re testing some kind of arena for a new gamemode?

Edit: Skirmish Arena is an old gamemode that may be coming back. Here you can watch a gameplay

As you know looking through files isn’t an easy task but all the references around it are:

  • Portal Beach
  • Portal Beach Siege
  • Portal Mill Siege
  • Portal Grass Siege
  • Portal Grass Test Arena
  • Portal Mine

New Emotes

Some of these emotes could be old, I haven’t checked them all but hey appear as new.

  • Androxus
    • Dog
  • Ruckus
    • Insult /or Spank, one of these 2 is “Antagonize” from ingame and the other one is not implemented.
  • Ying
    • Peace

Promotional Content

  • PRESS – Founders + 8000 Crystals
  • Bundles
    • Radiant Chest [x5]
    • Radiant Chest [x10]
    • Radiant Chest [x20]


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