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Paladins OB 38 Datamining – Xmas skins

Holiday chest with xmas skins, we have the list!

Post is now under finished stage, this means all the important data is added but some things may be missing, check back in some hours or tomorrow!

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It looks like Tyra should be one of the next champions.

New Skins

  • Demon Hunter Cassie
  • Salty Viktor
    • Molotov as grenade, not sure if the one you throw or the ultimate
  • Xmas Androxus
  • Xmas Barik
  • Xmas Grover
  • Xmas Kinessa
  • Xmas Makoa
  • Xmas Pip
  • Xmas Sha Lin
  • Twitch Ying Skin
  • (Xmas? -Not sure) Evie Skin 02

Cassie V2

As we have been talking about and Hi-Rez already confirmed, Cassie is getting a new weapon (Not sure if a model also). She’s now appearing in files as Cassie V2 but there isn’t any change in her model nor her weapon so we’ll have to keep waiting until we can see something from her.

  • Cassie Crossbow


  • Citizen of the Realm
    • Get the daily reward 7 days in a row
  • Surgeon General
    • Heal over 100,000 health during a match
  • Bullet Sponge
    • Shield over 100,000 damage during a match.

Misc & Promotional Content

  • Chest – Holiday
    • Xmas skins from above
  • Founder’s Pack Refund
  • VGS Additions
    • I’ll push the payload!
    • Push the payload!
    • Defend the Payload!
    • I’ll defend the Payload!

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