Tuesday , 4 May 2021

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ATLAS Dev 2.0 Datamining

So, this post will cover during this weekend the whole information I’m able to get from the files. FAQ What’s this? This is Smite Datamining, I mostly do Smite datamining but have done for Gigantic, Paladins, Star Citizen, SWTOR and a few more games in the previous years. What do I need from the readers? Since the game is new, …

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Is Paladins coming to Switch?

On May 2017, Todd Harris, Hi-Rez co-founder told DualShockers in an interview that a Switch version from Paladins was not planned or in the work at that moment. They were currently focusing mainly on PC, Xbox One and PS4 versions. Since this Open Beta 62 version, paladins has a new engine config files for Switch version. If we go back we …

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