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Smite Datamining – Smite 2 could be available in March

There have been numerous rumors about Smite 2 surfacing recently, and there’s an imminent expectation of Smite 2’s announcement during the 2024 SWC on Sunday.

With this in mind, we took some time to do a deep scan of the files, which I actually do from time to time to find some info I could miss during the quick datamining after the patch is uploaded. In this latest deep scan I was able to find a mention to smite 2 in the smite files.

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Let’s go straight to the point: Smite 2 is now mentioned in Smite’s files.

  • Smite 2 Founders Pack
    • The files mentions a Smite 2 Founders pack available during the Smite 2024 Birthday event, coming in the 11.3 patch.
    • Seems like we will have the opportunity to acquire the Smite 2 Founders Pack, which likely provides access or gives extra content for an alpha client (as Hi-Rez has done in the past with multiple games).

Smite 2 – Timeline

With smite 2 confirmed, let’s take a moment and go through the timeline with its first mention, which can be tracked down until 19th January, 2023 from a tweet of Stewart Chisam

If there were ever a “Smite 2”, what would you want to see from it? What would your expectations be?

We can, with almost no doubt, say that Stewart Chisam question was launched in 2023 because Smite 2 was already in the work for some time, probably even a year behind but is 1 year of work enough?

Smite is built using Unreal Engine 3, makeing it impossible to upgrade to Unreal Engine 4, or 5 as some other games have done in transitioning from UE4 to UE5. Given this technical challenge, the developers have to essentially build Smite 2 “from the ground up”, either recreating the code entirely or adapting the old code to the new standards of Unreal Engine 4/5. Despite the considerable effort required for an Alpha version, it is indeed feasible.

The primary focus of these titanic efforts will be on migrating the game characters. However, incorporating nearly 120 gods from Smite 1, especially the latest ones, seems impractical. This would essentially double the workload for each new character release, requiring a separate team for Smite 1 and another for Smite 2. Consequently, it’s likely that Smite 2 will only feature a portion of the characters from Smite 1.

A safe assumption is that Smite 2 may be an alpha version of the same game, an enhanced Smite with improved graphics, new code, a new engine, and possibly new mechanics. However, it might have only around 10 playable characters, which is sufficient for a 5v5 match.

There is a significant drawback to this scenario – Smite 2’s release would be TOO SOON, resulting in a prolonged wait for the introduction of the remaining characters. Personally, I speculate that Smite 2 will likely launch with approximately 30-60 playable characters, with a swift development pace for new ones. This might resemble the old times when we used to get 1 or even 2 new characters each month, ultimately reaching a roster of around 80-100 gods (including new gods, not just those from Smite 1).

However, many of the discarded characters may never return, would they?

There are so many questions open as a player but also as a consumer..

  • Will Smite 2 and Smite 1 live together forever?
  • Will Smite 2 just replace Smite 1 like Counter Strike 2 did, just after alpha/beta ends?
  • Will we be able to transfer our progress and our cosmetics?
  • What happens to skins from gods that are no longer in smite 2
  • What happens with the ultimate god pack?
  • Should loki exist in Smite 2? I mean, cmon, it’s the real question here.. Would you remove Loki or keep him? let us know your choice in twitter or reddit post!

The future holds a debate about what Smite 2 may bring, especially concerning the upgrade pack. Several questions may finally find answers this weekend

Divine Legacy

Datamining is a way of obtaining early data on what Hi-Rez is working. Sometimes the data is not enough clear and our interpretation may be wrong or inaccurate. Due to this, please remember data may change or never reach final build, do not take datamining as real data but an estimation of what’s to come.

Skins and content is usually 100% accurate, but Gods and Gamemodes data is sometimes inaccurate.

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From now on it’s just speculation based on previous datamining, don’t take the following info as real.

Back in December’s post we announced something called Divine Legacy.

Could this Divine Legacy serve as a progression/content tracker for transferring your content to Smite 2? It could also present a new opportunity to repurchase previous content, thereby assisting Hi-Rez in generating fresh funds to support Smite 2.

Divine Legacy is divided into seasons, from the old closed/open beta to the latest Season 11. However, 10 individual items have caught my attention:

  • Divine Legacy Skin Belly Ache
  • Divine Legacy Don Zaburou
  • Divine Legacy Fallen Arbiter
  • Divine Legacy Grand Slam
  • Divine Legacy Heatwave
  • Divine Legacy Infiltrator
  • Divine Legacy Playful Bunny
  • Divine Legacy Rogue Cyborg
  • Divine Legacy Super Chill
  • Divine Legacy Senko Sage
This is a list of skins for Ymir, Danzaburou, Chaac, Hercules, Pele, Loki, Nu Wa, Izanami, Bacchus, and Anubis. A total of 10 gods, creating a 2-2-2-2-2 pattern for each role. Could this possibly be a starter package for Smite 2? (credit to /u/snufflebox for identifying the pattern)

On the other hand, this could mean nothing, so we’ll have to wait until 11.1 patch to discover what’s Divine Legacy about.

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