Saturday , 12 June 2021

Hi-Rez’s Trademark update – Prophecy and news about Blitz

From time to time I usually make a check on Hi-Rez’s trademark registrations so we may have a clue about what they’re working.

Same as we did for Smite Tactics, Paladins Strike,  Smite Rivals or Smite Blitz some time ago.


As of February of 2019, Hi-Rez registered Prophecy as they did with everything else. Usually the registration takes around 2-3 months to take effect so that’s the minimun time they won’t be using the term, so that gives us at least until April or May before we may see what it’s related to.

The term of prophecy could be a new game or something related to smite. Considering one of the next gods is Set, or the aclaimed god that is feared by all cause it causes destruction could fit with the May-June estimate of trademark registration.

My bet is it could be related to a big event with a minigame.

That said, we’ll keep you updated if anything else is discovered.


It’s been a long time without news from Smite Blitz since its first appareance of Smite Blitz and lately its cancelation / delay but there hasn’t been more info sice then (except the athena blitz skin)

On the latest PTS patch (the second update) there is finally a mention for smite blitz. Could it mean it’s closer? Probably yes.

  • Link SMITE Blitz Hi-Rez account
  • SMITE Blitz Earn X SMITE Blitz-Gems



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