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Hi-Rez’s Trademark update – Tribes Royale and Smite Blitz

From time to time I usually make a check on Hi-Rez’s trademark registrations so we may have a clue about what they’re working.

Around May they registered Hand of the Gods which ended up being the new name for Smite Tactics, same as Paladins Strike or Smite Rivals some time ago.

Smite Blitz

The first one to talk about is Smite Blitz. This title is currently unknown but we have confirmation from Hi-Rez they’re working in a smite mobile game (Aside from Smite Rivals). It was revealed after some people were complaining when they released Paladins Strike.

Smite Blitz was registered around May, at the same time as Paladins Strike.

Tribes Royale

The most recent additions is this one. Here we have a few ways to understand:

  • It’s a name change for Smite Rivals -> Tribes Royale, according to the stereotype name of Clash Royale.
  • It’s a name for a new game, according to the stereotype name of Battle Royale games, which would be a possibility of expanding the tribes saga with a Battle Royale game.

This reddit post suggested it by reading some positions they’re seeking for:

  • Unannounced Project – Weapons/Hardsurface Modeler
  • Network Administrator

I’m 50/50 about what’s going to be, but I would bid for a Battle Royale game knowing how Hi-Rez likes following popular trendings adding their own soul, which ended as good as Smite and Paladins.

The remaining question is.. if it’s a Battle Royale.. will it be Tribes saga?

Bot Smachers

Registered in September, there’s no clue other than the name.

The available domains are , and which they seem to be registered same day or after day the trademark is registered. They are on sale so I guess someone is messing Hi-Rez there as other domains have been registered by Hi-Rez on the past and not added on sale.

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