Monday , 11 March 2024

Looking through Smite 2012 Map (Side jungles)

Saw in twitter a tweet asking hi-rez about adding old conquest map into a motd for this 2015 so i remembered I had that map stored in my computer.

I decided to re-create it and take some pictures for you, for the good memory. If you’re new in smite since 2013 then you will see the best map ever created in smite, or not.


Map overview

The Gold Fury

The Fire Giant

The Minotaur & Fountain

Old Gods sketch

Also, I made a small sketch with those old gods, they deserved some love.

This also lets you see how small was the jungle in 2012 map.


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  1. Your posts are becoming more awesome every week, but you need a better image view to your site.

  2. To bad they will never add this 🙁

  3. How did you play in that map? I want to play there too and see how it was

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