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Smite 3.6 PTS Datamining – Susano and few promotions

Smite 3.6 Datamining includes info about next god Susano.

Post should be finished now, anyway it may get any update if I’m able to find anything new in newer scans.

Please remember this is Datamining and not everything may end coming in Live client.


We had susano info in earlier dataminings, I brought the info back since he should be the next God.

  • Basic Attack
    • 37 + 2.3/Lvl (+100% of Physical Power)
    • Progression: .9/.9/1.25x damage and swing time
  • Passive
    • For each trained ability past the first that is off of cooldown, Susano-o gets additional movement speed.
    • Speed per Stack: 8%
  • Abiliy 1 – Fickle Headwinds
    • Slows
    • Susano-o commands the winds to blow in opposing directions, dealing damage in an area in front of him. Enemies in the center of the attack are pulled towards him, while enemies outside the center are knocked back.
    • Damage: 40,70,100,130,160 +60% of your physical power
    • Cost: 80,75,70,65,60
    • Cooldown: 18s
  • Ability 2 – Storm Kata
    • Susano-o takes a small lunge forward, damaging the first enemy he hits and travelling past them. If this successfully hits, he has a sort window during which he may re-activate the ability to hit all enemies in a short cone. If both are successful, he may re-activate one final time to damage all enemies in a circle before falling slightly backwards.
    • Damage per Hit: 50,65,80,95,110 +65% of your physical power
    • Cost: :70,75,80,85,90
    • Cooldown: 16,15,14,13,12s
  • Ability 3 – Cyclone Dash
    • Block
    • Susano-o swings his blades around him rapidly, deflecting all incoming Basic Attacks in a whirlwind of steel as he dashes forward. After dashing, Susano’s next 3 Basic Attacks within 6s cause his target to bleed, taking damage every .5s for 1s.
    • Damage: 30,45,60,75,90 +40% of your physical power
    • Bleed Damage per Tick: 20,40,60,80,100 +60% of your physical power
    • Cost: 60
    • Cooldown: 18,17,16,15,14
    • One ability has a Pull
  • Ability 4 – Typhoon Deployable
    • Susano summons a hurricane at his location that begins stationary and relatively small. Susanoo may reactivate this ability to launch the storm forward, knocking up opponents in its path. Until he does so, the storm pulls enemies towards its center and grows larger over time.
    • Damage: 60,90,120,150,180 +65% of your physical power
    • Damage per Tick: 15,20,25,30,35 +10% of your physical power
    • Ticks: 6
    • Cost: 80,85,90,95,100
    • Cooldown: 100s

New Skins

  • To be Added in future patches
    • Apollo
    • Change


Bundles & Promotions

  • Dragonboat Festival Chest
  • Galaxy China Bundle
    • Sunstar Ra + Stargazer Anubis
  • Latam people avatars (Same as bart, kelly, etc)
    • Firebug
    • Fixit
    • Zathael
    • Vanu
  • Latam Pack
    • Icons above
    • Announcer pack
    • Chaac
    • 500 fantasy points

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