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Smite 4.13 PTS Datamining – Hachiman, Artio and Dungeon Adventure

4.13 PTS Datamining:  Hachiman and Artio are ready to join the battlefield!

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Smite Board – 3D Models & Voice Packs

Smite Board is a 3D Models & Voicepacks database site. It features also a VGS Simulaltor so you can hear voice packs.

All 3D models are animated


  • Added 4.12 Datamining data (Artio, Hachiman old info)
  • Added New skins & Promotional Info
  • Added Adventure 4 Dungeon
  • Added more info in Artio and Hachiman

New Skins

  • Artemis
  • Awilix (Skin 5)
  • Ne Zha (Skin 4)
  • Terra


  • Kukulkan (Skin 10) – Model above
  • Skadi (Skin 5) – Model above
  • Summer of Smite
    • Ah Puch Tiki (Skin 5)
    • The Morrigan Bathing Suit (Skin 4)
    • Amaterasu Summer
    • Bacchus Bear
    • Chiron Unicorn
    • Cu Chulainn Summer
    • Xbalanque Fire


Hachiman is the god of war on Japanese / Shinto pantheon. He is known also for being an archer mounted in a Horse.

  • Basic Attack
    • Damage: 35 + 2.35/Lvl (+100% of Physical Power)
    • Has an explosion in basic attack?
  • Passive
    • Hachiman gains bonus physical power for each nearby god.
  • Skill #1
    • Toggle skill, probably changing the basic attack effect, pretty much like Rama or Izanami
    • Consumes mana I guess, like Rama’s #1
    • Right mouse cancel
  • Skill #2 – Reaction
    • Right mouse cancel
    • Special Hit
    • Damage Buff
  • NEW! – Skill #3
    • Does a knockup and a roll, not necessarily in that order
    • You can do charge then knockup or knockup then charge.
    • Cooldown: 10s
    • Cost: 20
  • Skill #4 – Shooter / Projectile
    • Horse Charge
    • x2 Speed
    • Can shoot during charge I guess?
    • Ends the carge with an explosion


Artio is the next Celtic deity to arrive. She looks like another stance god, we’ll see if that ends like that. Apparently everything points toward support as she mitigates damage.

  • Misc
    • Furious Roar
    • Intimidated
  • NEW! – Passive
    • Druid form: Successfully hits an enemy with her abilities she heals herself and allies within 20 units around her.
    • Bear Form: Successfully hits an enemy with an ability she regains Mana.
    • Health Restored: 5%
    • Mana Restored: 5%
  • NEW! – Skill #1 – Projectile
    • Explodes on target
  • Skill #1 – Grounded Zone
    • Deployable
  • Skill #2 – Charge
  • Skill #3 – Life Tap
    • Druid Lifetap Projectile
  • Skill  #4 – Maul or Stance Change

Season Ticket Fall 2017

  • Falltime Brawl
    • Win 15 Games
  • Falltime Brawl
  • Fall Slaughter
    • Get 250 Kills and Assists
  • Fall Slaughter
  • Falltime Siege
    • Win 5 Games of Siege
  • Falltime Siege

Adventure 4 – Dungeon

There’s also a new Challenge 05, it could mean there would be another adventure after this one.

  •  Adventure 5
    • Feather Spite
    • Elder Satyr
  •  Bundle
    • 10% Off
  • Adventures – Arena
  • Assets / Effects
    • Whirlwind
    • Meteor knockback
  •  Misc.
    • Utilize an array of hives to deal massive damage to a foe.
    • Spawns zombies you can use to inhibit enemies and explode for high damage.
    • Reflect damage onto enemies. Switch auras and provide a dazzling offensive.
    • Manipulate movement and unleash highly damaging spears.
    • Lock down and annihilate your opponent. High magical lifesteal.
    • Stealth and call upon devastating dragons to execute foes.
    • Smother teammates with healing powers and protect them with invulnerability.
    • Crash your heavenly chariot and mesmerize the enemies with your moves.
    • Entangle your enemies in webs and let your broodlings tear them apart.
    • Shackle foes and gather them together to be smothered in flames.
    • Control enemies with vine and boar. Set free volleys of stinging arrows.
    • Reach forward and taunt the opposition. Teleport and support your allies.
    • It may be the siege gate it was datamined some time ago or a new one, there’s no more info other than “Arena”.
    • Mount your panther and bring airborne foes right into your spear.
    • Chug away and belch away heavy crowd control with belly and wine.
    • Eat minions and spew them forth. Sharpen your blades and deal massive damage.
    • Pounce and let loose the cats of war! Bleed and lash out at any who oppose.
    • With an arsenal of equipment, stay flexible and choose your weapon wisely.
    • Tremble and crush your enemies. Shift the very ground to trap any who flee.
    • Obtain life from spilt blood. Take out your enemies from above.
    • As your glaives shift with the seasons, charge onwards and hunt down your prey.
    • Call down rain and thunder to strike down fleeing opponents.
    • Utilize your faithful rabbit and dance gracefully, bringing restoration and pain.
    • Cleanse allies from fear and fire piercing shots into the heart of enemies.
    • Control time to hinder enemies or even cheat death itself.
    • Control your rage for the right moment and thEN SMASH EVERYTHING.
    • Love can hurt and you decide whether to share the happiness or the pain.
    • Blink forward and torture your foes with bleeds, burns and cuts.
    • Pin down enemies and charge forth with your trusty celestial hound.
    • Use the strength of Dragon and Dwarf alike to help allies and conquer foes.
    • Unleash the power of your runes and drag back enemies in Ragnarok.
    • Empower your blade and take to the skies to dominate the battlefield.
    • Good fortune follows your allies. Summon down the pillars of righteousness!
    • Tear apart the earth to devastate enemies and to shield your friends.
    • With conviction charge forth on your warhorse and shred through armor and foe.
    • Distribute blight and devour souls. Strike from below and bring agony to all.
    • Draw bouts of water in succession to drown your enemies in crushing waves.
    • Restore or decay, heal or destroy. Each stance brings a new Hel.
    • The earth trembles beneath your enemies. Drive them back before your might.
    • Aim, Fire. Each arrow finds its mark bringing down even the nine suns.
    • Over here? No over there! You fear nothing but your enemies will fear everything.
    • Protect your allies and use the enemy’s damage against themselves!
    • Your sickles are never far and being close to death only makes you stronger.
    • Wield the power of space and time, tear through the unstable fabric of reality.
    • Death means nothing when you can fly! Outmaneuver and strike from above
    • Target locked. Stop at nothing to destroy your mark, death can wait.
    • Bestow the blessing of your heavenly carapace. Save allies from death itself.
    • Ravage the battlefield with whirlwinds. Wreak havoc with the Spirit of the winds.
    • Launches foes high into the sky. Punish them before they interrupt your slumber.
    • Throw out Kappas and drag down your enemy into a watery grave.
    • With sinister precision, take to the shadows and strike when backs are turned.
    • Spitting acid and poison, enemies will learn to fear your gaze.
    • The faster you go the harder you hit. Smack enemies in the face with your fists.
    • Gain strength through combat. Dive in headfirst and triumph with spear and sash.
    • Weave the enemies fate with your bow. No one can escape your shot.
    • Slice through the opposition and judge all those unworthy with your sword.
    • Rend through armor and leap valiantly forward to victory!
    • Step into the shadows and lock down your foe. Snuff out their flame in an instant.
    • Conjure soldiers and shatter them with metal. If all else fails, rain down fire.
    • With raven-shield, lunge and watch the enemy flee… right into you ring of spears.
    • Strike with sickle and flail. The closer to the spirit realm, the less you fear from the living.
    • Trident and tide wait for no man. Churn the waters and unleash the Kraken!
    • Call upon celestial light to heal or burn, the choice is yours.
    • The drums beat thunder, and you beat the drums. Crash down a percussive storm.
    • Pick up and fire piercing astral arrows, make each one count.
    • Carrying your magic acorn, dart across the battlefield and teach the Gods a lesson.
    • Flying fists of fury, don’t stop the onslaught of blows.
    • Release the hounds and crush your enemy. Reveal the inner monster.
    • Inject lingering poisons with each strike and watch the enemy draw their last breath.
    • Chase with the Winter wolf and control the ground that the enemies walk upon.
    • Pick the right moment and charge. Get your enemy right where you want them.
    • Attack to gain heat and explode forth a radiant supernova.
    • Bang down your mighty cudgel and show off your menagerie of transformations.
    • With sword in hand, you are the storm. Pull foes into the eye of the hurricane.
    • Stop enemies by rooting them into the ground, then launch then into the air!
    • Manipulate and crush opponents with rising earth. Bless your allies near and far.
    • Reap souls and gain life force. The scent of death draws you to the next victim.
    • Every God you see before you, their power is yours. Confuse, change, destroy.
    • Thunder down from the heavens and unleash a warrior’s barrage.
    • Conjure a glyph in the air and pass through it pain and deadly judgement.
    • Fearlessly charge into your opponents, switching stance for each new opportunity.
    • Kite enemies with bow in hand or hunt them down with axe. They cannot escape.
    • Your umbrella is used to rain down pain. Feeling small? Awake the sleeping giant.
    • Blast fire using your inferno cannon and shake the earth with your explosive rocket.
    • Each opponent you take down makes you stronger. Shroud them in darkness.
    • Hook enemies and take them where you please in a whirlwind of rage and steel.
    • Freeze your enemies in place and erupt in devastating shards of ice.
    • Utilize your shield and hurl lightning bolts. Detonate charges to fry your foes.
    • Mark demons to stuff into your bag then release them all to pulse into your enemies.

Promotional Content

  • Chests
    • Chest Chibi
  • Promos
    • 50% off Cernunnos T2
    • 50% off Cernunnos Warden skin
    • 50% off Voice Packs
    • 25% off The Void Chest Roll

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