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Smite 4.17 PTS Datamining – Discordia, S5 Conquest and Adventure 5

4.17 PTS Datamining:  

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Smite Board – 3D Models & Voice Packs

Smite Board is a 3D Models & Voicepacks database site. It features also a VGS Simulaltor so you can hear voice packs.

Some 3D Models are animated.


  • Added 4.16 Datamining data
  • Added New Skins
  • Added more Season 5 & Challenge 5 Info (New data in blue color)
  • Few more info on Discordia

New Skins

  • Skadi (Skin 6)
  • New skins in files but already known as Odyssey Items
    • Cernunnos (Skin 3) Odyssey
    • Fenrir (Skin 8) Odyssey
    • Ymir (Skin 12) Odyssey
    • Da Ji (Skin 4) Odyssey
    • Nike (Skin 4) Odyssey
    • Raijin (Skin 5) Odyssey
    • 2018 Odyssey Skins, you can read the list and names clicking here.


  • Random Pedestal
    • You can now select a random pedestal


Discordia is the equivalent Roman deity of Greek Eris.

  • Goddess of Chaos
  • Basic Attack
    • Projectile
  • Passive – Contest of Gods
    • Stacks
  • Skill #1 – Chaos Blast
    • Minor Projectile: Bounces
    • Major Projectile:
    • Deployable
  • Skill #2 – Turn Against
    • Charmed Melee
    • Charmed Ranged
  • Skill #3 – Erratic Behavior
    • Deployable
  • Skill #4
    • Golden Apple Projectile
    • Enemy Projectile
    • Rolls
    • Ground Range & Travel
    • Bounces

2018 Odyssey

  • Read the 2018 Odyssey content.
  • Lore Part 1
    • Cloudless hung the sky, darkened at the edge of perpetual twilight since the Eye of Ra was dimmed. No wind stirred the jungle canopy. No rain washed the leaves or filled the drying rivers. Fields of corn hung limp, withered with thirst. The Mayan Jungle was dying.
    • Torchlit, the courtyard was filled with mortals. They gathered in desperate prayer at the foot of a white stone pyramid. Cresting the stairs that climbed the exterior stood Chaac, God of Rain, axe in hand that he might cleave the sky and wash the land once again. Jaw set, body poised, Chaac drew back, muscles tight, and swung his axe in a mighty arc. Air was cleft and thunder rumbled in its wake, but the heavens remained whole and no rain came forth. The mortals grew silent.
    • “Do not despair,” Chaac implored from atop the pyramid.
    • “We are dying, Mighty Chaac,” croaked a voice from the crowd.
    • “Rain!” cried another, “We need rain!”
    • “I will not cease until the sky opens again!” Chaac promised.
    • “And if the sky refuses to answer?” came a voice, strong and hard, from beyond the crowd.
    • Peering, eyes narrowed, Chaac sought the source of the voice. “Who speaks, to doubt me so?”
    • A towering figure, broad of shoulder, face concealed beneath a Greek war helmet, save the curled lip, passed through the crowd of mortals as a shark through the sea. “It is Ares, God of War.”
    • “Ares?” Chaac straightened. “You are far from home. Why have you come?”
    • Booted feet set upon the pyramid stairs, ringing metal against stone with each step. “Anubis, the spineless mongrel, flees my vengeance. The murder of my father, Zeus, is on his hands. To this place have I tracked him.”
    • Warily, Chaac eyed the God of War as he reached the pyramid’s apex. “Anubis was here, but has gone. After a battle with Camazotz, he was severely injured. I tended his wounds before he journeyed West, across the ocean.”
    • “Tended his wounds, you say?” said Ares.
    • “I did,” replied Chaac.
    • Ares tore the Rain God’s axe from his grip and brutally buried the blade into Chaac’s chest. “To aid my enemy is to be my enemy,” Ares growled.
    • Stunned, the mortals below collectively gasped.
    • As Chaac fell, the face of his beloved came to mind. The woman he loved, the wife of his brother, their affair relinquished so long ago. “To see your face… one last time…” Tears slipped from his eyes.
    • Finally, then, the sky was rent and sweet cold rain cascaded on the mortals below. Ares wrenched the axe free from the slain God and stood before them.
    • “Ares!” They cried. “You have saved us!”
    • “Ares,” said the God of War to himself. His own name bitter to the taste.

Challenge 05 – Adventure

Seems like Adventure 5 gonna be some adventure related gameplay with a lot of effects and environment features. For the moment we know there gonna be an “Escape from Jail” game, lot of winter effects with ice, water, frozen creatures, some meteors effects, wind.

It remembers to something like Xing Tian’s Mountain with a lot of mini games each round.

  • Effects or Environment
    • Exploding Boar
    • Skadi Ice Sliding
    • Steam Vent
    • Wind Knockback
    • Winter Hazard
    • Winter Winds
    • Water Gun
    • Ice Tower
    • Draugr – Water Jet
    • Jailer Projectile
    • Arrest Room
    • Rainin Arrow
    • Jail – Destroy the Jail to escape!
  • Creatures
    • Cyclop Mage
    • Elder Satyr
    • Feather Spite
    • Frost Wolf
    • Harpy Machine Gun
    • Spider
    • Stun Elemental
    • Warrior
    • Fighter
    • Firedog
    • Frost Wolf in Niflheim
    • Frozen Soldier
    • Ice Boar
    • Ice Monster
    • Jailer
  • Misc
    • Torch Deployable

Season 5

Season 5 is around the corner, we have confirmed Hi-Rez is working in a new map which seems to be full Greek themed. New Titans featuring Cronus and Themis will get into the game while also a few old creatures come back to smite (Minotaur, Manticore) while some new arrive for the first time.

  • Map
    • Greek Conquest
  •  Titans
    • Chaos Side – Cronus
    • Order Side – Themis
  •  Buildings
    • New Chaos & Order Towers
  • Buffs / Camps
    • Centaur – Speed Buff
    • Chimera – Void (No idea what it means for now)
    • Stayr – Speed & MP5
    • Fire Giant – Description Below
    • Manticore – Red Buff
  • Minions
    • Archer
    • Brute
    • Swordsman
  • Creatures which also appear but has no description or we already know what they do.
    • Fire Oracle
    • Oracle Fury

Developed information about what’s above

  • S5 Fire Giant
    • Might: Grants +50 Magical Power, +35 Physical Power and Regen 2% of your health and 1% of your mana every 5 seconds for the buff duration. Your damage versus Towers and Phoenixes is increased by 20%.
    • Rage: Grants +90 Magical Power, +60 Physical Power and Regen 4% of your health and 2% of your mana every 5 seconds for the buff duration. Your damage versus Towers and Phoenixes is increased by 20%.
    • Enhanced Fire Giant
  • Centaur
    • Impact Attack

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