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Smite 4.7 PTS Datamining – Daji

Daji follows Ganesha as next deities!

Post is now  in finished stage. All important data has been added.

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Remember Post is also added to Reddit, I use it as main comment source! Link to Reddit Post

Changelog – Live updates

Live updates changelog, being updated  with Spain (Madrid) Time Zone

  • 03:20 – Initial Post with Smite Board & 4.6 Datamining info
  • 04:00 – Added new skins & confirmed some
  • 04:00 – Added 3rd Adventure creatures
  • 04:13 – Added Promotional content discounts & chests
  • 04:13 – Added Hercules skin & 3rd Adventure bundle inside the adventure section.
  • 04:38 – Updated few things on Daji, there’s no new info but tweaked some explanations.

Smite Board – 3D Models & Voice Packs

Smite Board is a new site I opened for a database style website. The idea is to have all the voice packs, sound themes and 3D Models available for everyone with just a simple website search.

Site also features a VGS Simulator under voice packs area so you can test the voicepacks.

3D Models coming in the future, sorry.

New skins

The following skins are meant to arrive in the next patches.

  • Aphrodite (Skin 7) – Voicepack confirmed
  • Erlang Shen (Skin 3)
  • Hercules Knight Skin –  3rd Adventure bundle skin
  • Kuzenbo (Skin 2)
    • Changes nene kappa too
  • Osiris (Skin 5 & Skin 6) – Voicepack confirmed
  • Sol (Skin 6)
  • Sylvanus (Skin 6)
  • Thoth (Skin 3)
  • Thanatos (Skin 6)
  • New ward incoming

Da Ji

  • Description
    • The nine tailed fox spirit
  • Passive – Razor Claws
  • #1 Skill – Horrible Burns
    • May change effects on skills if it’s activated
    • Works with Razor Claws passive (Stacking probably)
  • #2 Skill – One Thousand Cuts
  • #3 Skill – Slash and Dash
    • At first I thought it was a teleport like athena, but seeing the cooldown I guess it could work like Loki’s teleport with a small range.
    • Daji chooses an allied or opposing god and teleports to his position. If she teleports to an opposing god, she performs a melee strike upon her arrival. With this hit the bleeding of torture blades is applied.
    • Damage: 70/110/150/190/230 (100% of your Physical Power)
    • Cooldown: 17s
    • Cost: 60/65/70/75/80
  • #4 Skill – Paolao Torture Chain
    • Deploys the Paolao chain torture
    • It makes you unable to jump and may block aegis usage.
    • Horrible Burns, Slash and Dash and Passive may apply effects on this Ultimate.
    • Pull & Stun
    • Two different damage circles, inner and outer
    • Damage over time

Season Ticket

Fantasy Point Tipping

Seems like a new feature is being added for post-match. You can now select a team mate (or vote) so he gets more Fantasy Points. This system seems to be something like “Give karma to a good team mate”.

  • Fantasy Point Tipping allows a you to select a percentage of your earned FP to give to a teammate.  This can be used to show appreciation to the most valuable teammate.
  • Select a percentage of your earned FP to tip

Remember Post is also added to Reddit, I use it as main comment source! Link to Reddit Post

Adventure  – Dungeon (Door Siege)

3rd Adventure is called Dungeon. It should feature a Door Siege game mode.

In order to read a more elaborated post about this info, please check this post.

  • Adventure – Dungeon
    • Swiggity Swooty
    • Dungeon Music Theme + Jump Stamp + Hercules Knight Skin + Something + Gold Key
  • Gods Available
    • Kuzenbo
  • Assets
    • Dust Door
    • Healing Well
    • Raining Arrows
    • Cannon Test
  • Other Info
    • Your door has been destroyed!
    • Door will be repaired in 60 seconds
    • Chest Open Boss
    • Seem to have Swarm of creatures
  • Creature Boss
    • Boar Boss
    • Hydra Boss
  •  Creatures
    • Baboon
    • Frost Fury
    • Hyena
    • Lion
    • Thief Big & Small
    • Wolf

Promotional Content

  • Discounts
    • 25% off your next Astral Chest Roll
    • Get 50% off Nike VP
    • 50% off any Voice Pack
  • Astral Janus Chest
    • Janus skin
  • Astral Assassin
    • Each Astral Assassin chest has a chance of unlocking one of the items displayed, a Tier 3 Skin,  an Announcer Pack,  a Voice Pack, a Tier 4 skin,  or a ward.
  • Season Ticket 2017
    • House Dubstep Theme
    • UFC Announcer Pack
    • Hercules Skin (Not 100% sure it’s from Season ticket)

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