Sunday , 10 March 2024

Smite 4k textures soon?

Is 4k textures option coming to Smite?


Few months the Hi-Rez launcher received an update including DLCs system. While you already have the option to download latam voicepacks there, I wondered if there was any other intention for it. Didn’t receive any news around this until now:

  • Hi-Rez is planning on adding 4k textures download as an option, it should work as a DLC the same way above image shows. It will trigger a new downloable content with them and it should be over 5GB according to what I was able to find.

EDIT: Just a few mins ago Hi-Rez posted a tweet about a graphical upgrade, it could mean 4k textures may be part of it, or all of it.

What’s up with paladins?

There’s no way to know if they’re planning the same for paladins, so we’ll have to wait until it arrives first to smite, if it ever arrives.


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