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Smite 8.3 Hotfix Datamining – Smite 2 and Unreal Engine 4

Season Datamining

Datamining is a way of obtaining early data on what Hi-Rez is working. Sometimes the data is not enough clear and our interpretation may be wrong or inaccurate. Due to this, please remember data may change or never reach final build, do not take datamining as real data but an estimation of what’s to come.

Skins and content is usually 100% accurate, but Gods and Gamemodes data is sometimes inaccurate.

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  • Added Smite2 and ue4 info
  • Added god roadmap

Smite Board – 3D Models & Voice Packs

Smite Board is a 3D Models & Voicepacks database site. It features also a VGS Simulaltor so you can hear the voice packs or just practice the VGS.

As of November 2018 the website is continued under instead of self domain

Some 3D Models are animated.

Pink text highlights what’s new from this pts datamining vs what remains from previous datamining.

Smite 2 & Unreal Engine 4

A hotfix, that was released today, has revealed that Hi-Rez / Titan Forge is working on moving SMITE to Unreal Engine 4. FINALLY!

  • There are a lot of files with prefix name such as smite2_conquest2022_
  • There’s also a lot of files (Materials, some animations and shaders) with ue4 tags, there’s also a few files that can’t be unpacked using ue3 but they have u4 file extension.
  • Apparently, the only mentions with smite2 usually have a 2022 date in the name such as conquest2022 and some other mentions to a few events.
  • There’s also some epic games mentions. Not sure if it means it will be epic exclusive, but no steam mention for now.
  • There are a few hints that mentions some roadmap and events at fall 2022 (Seems like if there’s a release it would be at the end of 2022)
  • There was a few key names that pointed to an unfinished website, had to do some research but we were able to find a subdomain matching with the name and we found that unfinished website.
  • The website revealed some kind of roadmap, it was very broken as it was missing images and text, but in the source code we were able to read some data.
  • The roadmap suggests a road from Mid 2021 to Winter 2022 where it will be revealed the “last god”. It clearly says last god, followed by a new pantheon logo, but there was no image and image name didnt reveal anything.
  • I’m not really sure what this means, but looks like we will receive a last god in January 2022 and then we’ll have to wait for a smite 2 launch without any god (I’m not sure if this is a new game or it’s just a key name for a big update)
  • Gif found in the website
    Gif found in the website

Gods Roadmap

As said above, we were able to find a roadmap for gods release, every missing name for now was revealed.

    • June: Morgan La Fey
    • August: Kanaloa
    • October: Ithaqua
    • December:  Medjed
    • Winter 2022: Unknown – Key name Rapture
      • The slot was empty but it has a background image of a cross, seems like christianity pantheon
      • Long time ago when everyone was asking for jesus hi-rez mentioned that god would the be last god included in smite, so is it finally Jesus?
    • Spring & Summer 2022: Some reworks (There were 3 slots but there was no name so they remain unknown),  it was clearly unfinished
    • Fall 2022: The roadmap ends here but there wasn’t any data, we assume it’s the release milestone.

Snufflebox’s comment: I can’t believe I was so wrong about the upcoming gods… Maybe I should’ve quit while I was ahead, lol

Snufflebox explanatios as always:

  • Morgan Le Fay:
    • Already confirmed by datamining. And the image is pretty obvious.
  • Kanaloa:
    • It seems that Hi-Rez learned from their mistake last year, and rushed to bring in the most wanted SMITE god of all time. We all know that Cthulhu was a giant disappointment, but now that our squid boi is finally here, there’s no reason to cry :slight_smile: The whirlpool, teeth and watery imagery in general is a dead giveaway for this Polynesian Octopus God.
  • Ithaqua:
    • A wendigo! Finally! Yes, Hi-Rez did say that they wouldn’t add another Great Old Ones god in the foreseeable future, but hey, they also said that Mulan and Cthulhu would never make it to SMITE, so who caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaares? The snowy forrest is just the type of place you would meet a wendigo, so this should’ve really been a no brainer from the start.
  • Medjed:
    • It’s Medjed. There’s nothing else to say. We’re on our way to the super meme team with his addition. It seems that they took some artistic liberties here tho. They seemed to have made the tough decision of not having Medjed run around as a cloaked guy with two eyeholes, but rather have made him a hooded, humanoid figure. We’ll see if he still shoots lasers out of his eyes.



April Fools! You have been got by FAERayo and Snufflebox once again!

Also: Credits to /u/Shattered_Disk4 for the Christianity logo we used, it’s an edited version of his creation.

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