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Smite Datamining – is T screen back?

Due to low quantity of patches i’m focusing my time in doing deep scans in smite’s files which I usually don’t as they take a lot of time. I was able to find something interesting about T screen?

T screen or Leaderboards?

As for patch 3.24 there’s a new element in the interface language which remembers to what T screen had. Does it means we’re getting it back in season 4? Hopefully yes.

In the case it isn’t T screen.. are we finally getting leaderboards?

  • Top Stats
    • Top Gold
    • Top Kills
    • Top Mitigated
    • Top Damage

Improved Combat Messages

I suppose this part is about the combat chat you can enable which gives you a bit of info of what damage you did, etc.

  • hit_default                      = Hit {g}({p}) for {n} with {d}.
  • hit_default_multi                = Hit {g}({p}) {a} times for {n} with {d}.
  • hit_kill                         = Killed {g}({p}). Hit for {n} with {d}.
  • hit_kill_multi                   = Killed {g}({p}). Hit {a} times for {n} with {d}.
  • take_default                     = {g}({p}) hit you for {n} with {d}.
  • take_default_multi               = {g}({p}) hit you {a} times for {n} with {d}.
  • take_kill                        = {g}({p}) killed you. Hit you for {n} with {d}.
  • take_kill_multi                  = {g}({p}) killed you. Hit you {a} times for {n} with {d}.

Using common sense we can guess what each variable means

  • g = god
  • p = player
  • n = number of damage
  • d = maybe a skill
  • a = number of attacks

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