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Smite Datamining Memories #1 – Poseidon reveal

This will be a new section, during Datamining Memories we will go through 2012-2013 datamining posts, which are currently deleted from the internet but I still have them in .txt files.

Estimated time: Around February 2013.

In the first Datamining Memories we will go through poseidon reveal, and how datamining was clearly more deeply than currently one.

Hope you like remembering the old datamining posts!

This was also my first post in reddit about smite notices, this one doesn’t have anything about datamining, but it’s where it all started.

~~~~~~~~~~ General Images ~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~ SKILLS ~~~~~~~~~~

All skills info

PASSIVE – Poseidon’s attacks cause his Tide mechanic to increase and casting abilities causes it to decease. When he at 0% and 100% his attacks deals 30% extra damage with some scaling amounts in between.

—– Skill 1 —–

~ Explanation ~

WATER BLADE – Poseidon casts a wave that travels in a line dealing damage + magic power and pushing back all enemies in the path. Reduces Tide by 35.

It throws a water weave (small) which makes a little knock back and hit multiples times like Ra’s beam.

As its knock back is small it won’t make you get the multiples hits.

Also, Ra’s beam hit multiples times if you walk in the same direction the beam does, but as Poseidon making the small knock back it will make you be quiet and don’t follow the same direction so… kinda useless? Maybe the knock back is only in the first hit. Can’t really explain now.

Opinion: I was expecting a higher wave, but okay =(

~ Images ~

—– Skill 2 —–

~ Explanation ~

TIDAL SURGE – Poseidon charges his trident granting additional move speed and making his auto attacking spread out two additional shots which hit for 50% of his physical power, BUT cannot critically hit or apply on hit effects. Reduces Tide by 35.

~ Images ~

—– Skill 3 —–

~ Explanation ~

WHIRLPOOL – Poseidon creates a whirlpool that pulls enemies toward the center dealing damage + magic power and also dealing % of their max health every .5s for 4s. Reduces Tide by 30.

~ Images ~

—– Skill 4 —–

~ Explanation ~

RELEASE THE KRAKEN – Need I say more? Poseidon calls forth a mighty KRAKEN dealing a large amount of damage + magical power to targets in the center when it spawns, stunning for 2s, and bouncing them into the air. Enemies caught one the edge are slowed and take damage over time. Reduces Tide by 40.

~ Images ~

~~~~~~~~~~ EDITS~~~~~~~~~~

Edit: Added Loss Screen

Edit 2: Added Skill 1 info

Edit 3: Updated to imgur links Fundashii provided

Edit 4: Added Skill info

Probably Schedule: Remember this is just speculating as he always do.

Thursday: Skill 2 or 3

Friday: Skill 2 or 3

Monday: Kraken and probably all the skills with the kraken again

Tuesday: Skin and other patch info

Wednesday: Reveal

Thursday: Update

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