Saturday , 29 May 2021

Smite Datamining – New Season Ticket, esports teams chest

New datamining which introduces a season ticket, it has some new skins, apparently.

New Gods are Ah Puch & Ratatoskr, if you want to know more from Ratatoskr don’t miss his latest datamining.

Season Ticket

  • 2015 Season Ticket
    • Obtained from purchasing access to the 2015 Season Ticket
    • Probably will be the same as the world championship, a ticket through twitch.


New Chests

  • Fnatic Chest
  • C9 Chest
  • Titan Chest
  • TSM Chest

This chest will include the following skins

New Execute ability for someone?

  • Copy of Harvester of Souls
    • Just a copy of this skill, probably copied for a new god.

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