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Smite Hera’s Odyssey 2019 Lore – Prologue

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Odyssey 2019 – Chapter 1

It is the dawn of a new age.

At the very height of its power, Ragnarok stood poised to scour the world of all life. The underworld bled into the realm of the living, the land was wracked by upheaval, and both divine and mortal beings knew untold suffering in its wake. Pushing all creation to the very brink of ruin, it was only by the intervention of the war goddess Bellona and her allies that the cataclysm was at last overcome, and its destructive power bound within the core of the world by the fire goddess Pele. With the plans of Hel and Hades finally thwarted, the ashes of Ragnarok have now only just begun to cool. The balance between life and death is reasserting itself, and it is a time of rebuilding and as both the gods and those who worship them seek a return to normalcy.

But not all that has been done can be undone, and not every wound will heal. Vacuums exist, both among the divine pantheons of the gods and within the very earth itself, voids that must be filled. Old rivalries will reignite in the coming struggle for dominance, sparked by new betrayals. Many believe that the horrors of Ragnarok can never be eclipsed, but none can be certain that the ravages it inflicted have not set the stage for an even darker, and more catastrophic future to come.

It is through power that this new age will be ruled, just as it was in the old. New heroes will rise, and ancient threats will be awakened. As the pantheons gather and rekindle their strength in the face of this uncertain world, a grand odyssey begins, as the question remains of who—or what—will step in and assume control over all creation.

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