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Smite News: Celtic pantheon arrives with G84

So, as guessed in our previous datamining with G84 a new pantheon was coming.


Hi-Rez announced today Celtic pantheon is coming in season 4. G84 will mostly be the first god or goddess to arrive.

G84 should be coming in January, hopefully we will know what’s the name of this unknown god. But what do we know so far about G84?

Did you read 2.22 Datamining yet?


Is really G84 the Celtic pantheon or we first get a japanese Guardian? With a root chances get higher to a japanese guardian over a new celtic god.

  •  Passive
    • Should be a stack passive
  • Skill 1
  • Skill 2
    • Uses the passive stacks
    • Has a root

Spoiling celtic pantheon

The user erickchf found an “easter egg” in Jungle Practice map which had the celtic logo in the central spawning point. Props to him for the amazing catch!


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