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Smite Odyssey 2021

Odyssey 2021

This page is on continuous update every time an Odyssey item is revealed or shown.

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  • Quests As always
  • Around 20 items
  • Tier 5 skin for Hel
  • There will be a voyage map
    • Voyager event items will be purchasable with Gems. Odyssey Collection Reward items will be unlocked by earning enough Odyssey Points and can be tracked on the Odyssey progress reward bar.
    • Odyssey Points can be earned by buying Odyssey event items but can also be earned by participating in the Battle Pass, purchasing the Digital Loot Pack, and purchasing select items in the SMITE Store during the 7.9, 7.10, 7.11 updates.
    • Odyssey Bundles will release with an initial discount of 33% off for the length of that update! Get each Bundle for 500 Gems at launch or pick it up later on at full price for 750 Gems.
    • Each Odyssey Bundle contains 1 Exclusive Odyssey Skin, 1 Cosmetic item, and 10,000 Odyssey Points.
  • Bonus item for each 40.000 points.
  • Final T5 Hel skin at 160.000 points
  • For each 10.000 points after 160.000 you get an odyssey chest bonus.
  • Quests & Territories
    • Unlocking a territory will zoom you into that territory on the map. Once zoomed in, you will see a range of trails called voyages. These voyages can lead to different places or landmarks.
    • Each voyage will have Quests along it and a territory can have a range of 10 -14 Quests in total. You can only have 1 voyage started at a time from any territory.
    • Choose a voyage by selecting a landmark in the territory that stands out to you. Confirm you want to start that voyage and begin your journey! Completing a voyage to the landmark will grant you a rare reward, additionally, Quests along the voyage will grant you more common rewards. Come back to the territory in order to select a new voyage once you have completed your last one!


Until we can get the ingame list, items are not in correct order.

  1. Medusa
  2. Ratatoskr
  3. Sol
  4. Cernunnos
  5. Jing Wei
  6. Hun Batz
  7. Hercules
  8. Chernobog
  9. Poseidon

Bonus Items

There’s a total of 30 Level Rewards

Until we can get the ingame list, items are not in correct order.

  1. 3.10 – Title Skin | Senseio
  2. 3.10 – Avatar Skin | Axolotl
  3. 3.10 – Fountain Skin | Unknown
  4. 3.11 – Death Stamp |Unknown
  5. 3.11 – Level Up Skin | Unknown
  6. 3.11 – Recall Skin – Unknown
  7. T5 Skin | Hel

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