Tuesday , 1 June 2021

Smite & Paladins coming to PS4

Smite and Paladins may be coming to PS4 very soon, even sooner than expected.

WARNING – The following displayed information is taken directly from Smite files with datamining techniques. This means it’s not final info and may change in the near future as well as never coming into Live Client. Read this carefully and make your own oppinion.

Some time ago Hi-Rez already confirmed Smite could come to PS4, just only after it was already in Xbox. With smite being in Xbox during months we may see Smite in PS4 Very soon.

Paladins also was confirmed to arrive in Xbox and PS4 if i’m not wrong, anyway there’s at least some good evidences of it coming to Xbox.


Smite has some strings of files being exported to PS4 as well as Paladins has some dedicated folders and strings for it too. Smite may come sooner than Paladins for an obvious reason as Paladins is still in beta.

There’s still a chance for Hi-Rez to wait and release both games at the same time in PS4 but that’s all in marketing decission.

What do you think? Will they come to PS4 in 2016?

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