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Smite PTS 3.12 Datamining – Terra

In this 3.12 Datamining Terra is discovered to be a new goddess for Smite.

Post should be finished now, anyway it may get any update if I’m able to find anything new in newer scans.

Please remember this is Datamining and not everything may end coming in Live client.


  • Passive – Shatter Projectile
  • Skill – Obelisk of Protection
    • Deployable Obelisk

New skins

  • Nu Wa
  • Medusa Sea Maiden
  • Chronos Fallen Lord Images

Map Related

  • Summer Arena
  • New Juggernaut


Summer of Smite

  • In honor of the Sea Maiden we dub this pedestal, Merdusa!
  • They call her the beauty of the ocean the myth of the sea. We know her as, the Sea Maiden.
  • In honor of the 2016 Olympic Games!
  • For your hearing pleasure, we would like to present to you, Fdot!
  • Volleyball Bundle
  • Cutesy Chef Special
  • It’s soooo floatieee!

Bundles / Promotions

  • Emote Chest
    • All Emotes in the SMITE world!
  • Big Daddy Chest
    • This chest has a chance of unlocking Twitch Ymir and Gems
  • China summer chest (They keep appearing after few patches)
  • Chinese Valentine Chest (They keep appearing after few patches)
  • Cutesy Lobster
  • Illustrious

New Voice Pack Videos


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