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Smite PTS 3.18 Datamining

3.18 patch arrives and with it a new datamining!

Post is now under finished phase, some edits may occur or new info may be added. Make sure to check tomorrow or another day!

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3D Models


If you want to know more about him check last 3.17 Datamining

  • General Info
    • Has a Dash (Can’t link to a skill yet)
    • Possible double leap
  • Skill 1 – Glyph of Judgement
    • Projectile
  • Skill 2 – Assault Shooter
  • Skill 3 – Speed Glyph
    • Deployable
    • There’s a new mechanic, if an ally shoots a projectile throught the Glyph it grants a bonus or something. Still studying this, keep an eye later please.
  • Skill 4 Ultimate – Hieroglyphic Assault
    • Projectile


If you want to know more about him check last 3.17 Datamining

  • Description: Deadly God of Bats
  • Passive – Essence Pool
    • Heal
  • Skill – Camazotz Essence
    • Deployable
  • Skill 2 – Vampire Bats
    • Slowed and Damaged Over Time
  • Skill 3 – SiphonPower
    • AOE ability
  • Ultimate –  Deadly Bite (Stated as OLD – Maybe unused)
    • Description: Camazotz flies straight up then chooses a ground target and latches onto the closest enemy god silencing them and damaging over time while healing himself. Camazotz takes reduce damage while channeling but if he takes 25% of his HP he is knocked off early. If he channels for the full duration he is healed and enemy gods under 15% hp when the channel finishes will be executed
    • Damage: 200,350,500,650,800 +100% of your Physical Power
    • Cost: 100
    • Cooldown: 90s

New Skins

  • Rama
  • Awilix Halloween

New Map – PVE Winter Arena / Cage Fight

It looks like Cage Fight could be a different version of Xing Tian Mountain with different gods. It’s played in Arena tho.

  • Winter Cage Fight
  • Misc
    • PVE Holiday2016 Chicken /NPC Chicken (They’re the minions xD)
  • Raijin
    • Raijin Basic Attack WINTER ARENA
    • Percussive Storm WINTER ARENA
    • Taiko Drums WINTER ARENA
  • Odin
    • Lunge WINTER ARENA
    • Raven Shout WINTER ARENA
  • Fenrir
    • Ragnarok WINTER ARENA
  • Aphrodite
    • Undying Love WINTER ARENA
  • Other
    • Turtle WINTER ARENA
    • Ice Shards WINTER ARENA
    • Blizzard WINTER ARENA
    • Wreck the Halls WINTER ARENA
  • EXCLUSIVE ITEM – This item is only available through special promotions or events.

Promotional Content

  • Tencent Multi-National Chest 2016
  • Tencent Halloween 2016
  • Bellona Convention Bundle
    • Bellona Battle Maiden Bellona, Her VP and 400 Gems
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