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Smite S7 Datamining – Mulan Updated Info

Season 7 PTS Datamining

Datamining is a way of obtaining early data on what Hi-Rez is working. Sometimes the data is not enough clear and our interpretation may be wrong or inaccurate. Due to this, please remember data may change or never reach final build, do not take datamining as real data but an estimation of what’s to come.

Skins and content is usually 100% accurate, but Gods and Gamemodes data is sometimes inaccurate.

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Smite Board – Voice pack Listener

With the new file structure, it’s easier to unpack more data in batch and I’m trying to update the voice pack listener in the next weeks. It may take a while, but for the moment I have updated the website to show a different list for each kind of sounds:

I know the interface is shitty, so let me know if you can help with that. 

  • Gods: This list will only show God voice packs and skins, for an easier search.
  • Caster: All caster voice packs will be listed here. If any is missing, notice me on twitter with an MD, or reddit post. 
  • Levels: This List will show all sounds related to levels and maps. If you have any old map sound files, notice me on twitter for sending the file.
  • NPCs: All creatures and npcs.
  • GUI: Sounds for interface.
  • Extra god sounds: There’s also extra sounds in some skins, I will try to find a way to add it.

If anything is missing, let me know also please! Also any change I can make to VGS Simulator to make it more popular is accepted!

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  • Added S7 Datamining
  • Added More Mulan info

New Skins / Cosmetics

  • 7.1 Content
    • Valentine Chest
    • Ullr Skin
    • Agni Skin
    • Albert Hammond, Jr. Music skin
  • 7.2 Winter Wishes Content
    • Set (Skin 3)
    • Hera (Skin 6)
    • Chinese Bundle Event 2
    • Redbull Event – Flawes (with skins, jump, level up etc)
    • Music Theme
    • Odin Rework?
    • Chest Fun’Pocolypse
    • Spring Holiday Chest
    • Season Ticket Colosseum
  • 7.3
    • Ra Skin
  • Other Skins
    • Discordia (Skin 6)
    • Nox
    • Rama (Skin 7)
    • Skadi (Skin 11)

Pink text highlights what’s new from this pts datamining vs what remains from previous datamining.

Goddess 108 – Mulan

What we knew as Magnolia is now named Mulan. So that confirms her identity.

  • Passive
    • Cooldown Reduce Time: 2s
  • Evolution Device
    • Mulan has 3 evolution Stages, with 3 different icons for each one.
    • This evolution device works with abilities 1,2 and 3 changing how it works or adding extra effects.
    • Each evolution has XP for increasing the levels. So you will have to stack some XP for evolution.
    • The interface shows your current evolution stage and probably the XP you need to evolve.
    • It seems like you can initialize or equip the evolution device? Maybe it’s just an internal thing for applying the effects to ability.
    • You can Evolve & Devolve. The function is there, so I don’t know if that’s something that will be on live or just dev testing.
    • You seem able to gain XP from targets, maybe hitting abilities.
  • Ability 1
    • It’s an Evolution Device (Explained just above)
    • Fires Ammunition, it’s probably a device that fires projectiles.
    • The evolution can apply status effects
    • 3 Icons for the evolutions
    • Attack Speed buff
    • Max Base Attacks: 2
    • Max Evolved Attacks: 3
    • Has 3 different icons depending on evolution.
    • Evolution 2 & 3 has the same icon so this ability is probably evolving just 1 time.
    • Can attack twice, it’s a two-phase linear attack.
    • The initial base attack is a Cone Attack, the angle may be up to 180º.
    • If you do a second attack,  the cone attack angle is changed. Not really sure if reversed so you attack from behind? 
  • Ability 2
    • Evolution Device
    • Same as Ability 1
    • Spear Stage 01
    • Spear stage 02
    • Slow
    • It’s a two-phase linear attack.
    • Max Heals per Fire
    • Has a limited num of fires.
    • If you’re on evolution it changes the effect.
    • Can hit multiple targets or maybe bounces, not sure.
    • Applies Heal, so probably if it hits partners it heals.
    • Evolution 2 & 3 has the same icon so this ability is probably evolving just 1 time.
  • Ability 3
    • Evolution Device
    • Is a projectile
    • Protection Buff
    • Spear Projectile Stage 01 & 02
    • It’s a Grapple ability. Works with a rope.
    • The length of the rope is 65 units.
    • Wall Travel Percent
    • Grapple Target
    • Grapple Wall
    • Wall Hit
    • Seperation Distance: 80 units.
    • Evolution applies an extra status effect to target. Can’t see which, but probably a CC like stun or root.
    • Evolution 2 & 3 has the same icon so this ability is probably evolving just 1 time.
    • Explodes on Target
      • Seems like the projectile, or in this case the rope, explodes on target, then you grapple the target.
      • You can also hit a wall and grapple.
  • Ultimate
    • The ultimate is a two-phase attack, so it will trigger two sub-abilities. 
    • It’s a projectile.
    • Projectile passes through targets
    • Ultimate A:
      • It’s a chain ability
    • Ultimate B:
      • Max Attacks: 2
      • Fires Ammunition
      • Damage Radius

Goddess 109 – Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga, Witch of the Woods

  • Basic Attack
    • Damage: 33 + 1.5/Lvl(+20% of Magical Power)
  • Ability 1
    • Is a projectile
  • Ability 2
  • Ability 3
  • Ability 4 Ultimate
    • Dark Stance: Magical Power and MP5 Increased. ***IMPORTANT*** I know Hel has a Dark Stance, but I can’t see anywhere this string is talking about Hel. It could be they were copying or using an ability from Hel as a placeholder, so don’t take this as a stance god confirmed.

Season 7 Gods

Seems like there will be a total of 6 Gods this season. From 108 to 113 

This list is just speculation about which gods could get the spot. Once they are confirmed, they will get a section for them pretty much as Mulan and Baba Yaga are above.

  • 110 – ???
  • 111 – Tsukuyomi 
  • 112 – ???
  • 113 – ???

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