Sunday , 10 March 2024

SMITE 6 September PTS Datamining – Sylvanus, Classy Fenrir and more!

This PTS Update brings us some interesting info as the new god, Sylvanus.

First of all, please remind this post may be updated until Monday max. Please come back tomorrow and check log (at bottom) to see if anything was added/changed.


New God

Sylvanus’ skills:

  • Skill #1: Deployable (Can be destroyed, damaged).
  • Skill Healing Whisp: Healing working firing something.
  • Skill #3: Projectile
  • Skill #4: No info
  • Auto Attack: May have aoe dmg.

New Skins

New Wards

New Voice Packs/Sounds

New/Updated Cards/Icons

Update Log

  • 7th September 0:48 – Initial Post.
  • 7th September 1:20 – Added Voice pack videos.
  • 7th September 13:40 – Added Sylvanus info

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