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SMITE Datamining 10th December – The skin battle is closer, more hou yi and awilix, new bastet skin and extra info

Small patch, some good and interesting info. I’m hyped to what we will be able to see after this week’s PTS Patch.

Hou Yi

  • Passive
    • Should have a target, not sure if working like kali’s.
    • Should display something from or for the target in the HUD.


  • Moonlight
    • Is a cone.
    • Pull.
  • Reposition
    • Can be canceled
    • Max Target distance
    • Pounce
    • should be target lock able?
  • StarlightLance
    • Should have a special hit, probably hit + the special under some condition.
  • Mount leap
    • Can be canceled
    • Changes state, so it’s basically mounting, probably traveling X distance.
  • Jungle mount
    • Can be canceled
    • Can be interrupted
    • Should be firing or permission to fire (maybe basic attacks).
    • Doesn’t specify when the cooldown starts, using or ending.


The battle of Neith vs Anhur gets closer, every clue about some of them being edited/worked on something may be the true key to know who’s gonna get that skin. But don’t get hyped, there’s still a possibility that hi-rez can laugh hard, if the skin is not for Neith nor Anhur and we end crying.

  • Copy of Anhur Wave (Do you think this would confirm they’re working on something for him and maybe the new odissey skin is for anhur?)


  • Ares Convention 2015 icon (Hi-Rez troll one)



  • New skin – Burglar.


There will be some new achievements, probably coming on january with the 1st season rewards.

  • Empower
  • Sacrafice
  • Empower Gem of Greed


  • Button – Hide Owned Icons


  • CT_01_Cinematic_Complete
  • CT_02_Completed_Store
  • CT_03_Arrived_At_Camp
  • CT_04_Cleared_Camp
  • CT_05_Arrived_At_Lane
  • CT_06_Defeated_Minions
  • CT_07_Defeated_A_God
  • CT_08_Back_At_Fountain
  • CT_09_Tower_1_Defeated_Early
  • CT_10_Tower_1_Defeated
  • CT_12_Tower_2_Defeated
  • CT_13_Arrived_At_Gold_Fury
  • CT_14_Defeated_Gold_Fury
  • CT_15_Back_At_Fountain
  • CT_16_Phoenix_Down_Early
  • CT_17_Phoenix_Down
  • CT_18_Gone_To_Titan_Early
  • CT_19_Arrived_At_Fire_Giant
  • CT_19_Defeated_Fire_Giant
  • CT_20_Defeated_Titan
  • SWC 2015


Hi-Rez may be preparing a new interface or editing/adding some things to it.

Looks like there will be windows for tournaments, more accolades and things like so.


Edit: Hi-Rez Weiss (Game programmer) confirmed us that looks like some info was merged during cooking as I expected, about the Behavior Trees, he shared this wikipedia link.

Thanks Hi-Rez  Weiss.

  • Hi-Rez Behavior Tree Editor
  • Hi-Rez Behavior Tree Editor (DEBUG)
  • Delete Link
  • Delete All Link
  • New Behavior Node
  • New Behavior Comment
  • New Condition Node
  • New Sensor Node

Some Hi-rez File’s mess

They’ve messed up some files like merging other files with another ones, text that should be in interface files are now in data files and shit like so. The following lines are kinda interesting.

Some of the following text loks like some parameters.

  • Warning
  • Performs some of the same package processing as cooking.  If no files are listed on the commandline, it processes all content.
  • Strips out editor-only data from objects.
  • Removes texture mip data for miplevels that exceed the highest setting in the compat files
  • Compresses most of the textures in a package for smaller disk footprint
  • Reprocesses a file even if it is already finalized.
  • -removeeditoronly
  • -stripunusedmips
  • -compresstextures
  • -forceresave
  • gamename.exe TgFinalize [-switches] [file…]
  • Performs a load and checks memory changes across skins in the game”
  • specifies only to check skins for a certain bot (ex:kali)”
  • specifies only to process gods and their skins
  • -bot
  • -godsonly
  • gamename.exe tgskinmemorycheck [-switches]
  • The first link to the root node in a Behavior Tree must be to a Composite or Sensor.
  • Sensor nodes can only be connected to the Root Node.
  • Edit Using Behavior Tree Editor
  • Attach to Instance
  • Pause
  • Resume
  • Step One Frame
  • Add Link
  • Behavior Comment to Back
  • Break All Link


  • V.I.P. appears again. Mostly means nothing.

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  1. What do you mean by Copy of Anhur wave?

  2. not sure if you noticed the Medusa thing in curse voice Apollo voice pack, do you think that means she is going to be a hunter as well in mythology i believe she used arrows as well so it makes sense but that was something me and my friends noticed when watching the video.

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