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Smite Datamining – Ah Puch, New chests, New God & Celtic Pantheon items

Medusa got released and we’re now closer to Ah Puch. Celtic pantheon seems to be released soon!


  • Bellona – Torment
  • Athena Liberté
  • Vamana Pirate
  • Thor Tier 2
  • Vulcan Tier 2
  • Medusa
  • Medusa Recolor



  • Bellona – Torment
  • Athena Liberté
  • Vamana Pirate


Ah Puch

Not too much info, please read the latest post with Ah Puch’s info for more info.

  • Spawn Zombies
  • Consume corpses
  • Heals
  • Skill #1
    • Sets a Device which detonates near corpses.
    • Explodes on target.
  • Skill #3
    • Marks Enemy
    • Stun

New Celtic Pantheon & Morrigan

Looks like morrigan will be the next goddess after Ah Puch. She is a magical celtic goddess. This also means that celtic pantheon will be the first new pantheon added to smite.

This god is also attached to chest, so please take a look on chest section below.

  • Passive
    • No info yet.
  • Skill #1
    • Drains heal.
    • Reduces healing.
    • AOE skill.
    • Magical damage.
  • Skill #2
    • Cone attack.
    • Has stacks mechanic.
  • Skill #3
    • Immune
    • Something about crows, no more info on them, just mentioned.
  • Skill #4
    • Togglable ability.
    • Also crows.
    • AOE hability


  • Oracle Chest
    • This chest has a chance of giving a rare exclusive item or a chance to roll an extra item. The contents of this chest includes skins, wards, and voice packs.
  • Liberté Chest (Exclusive Liberté Chest)
    • Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité! Each Liberty Chest contains one of the items shown below.
  • Celtic Chest
    • This chest has a chance of giving a rare exclusive item from celtic pantheon set. The contents of this chest includes gods, skins, wards, voice packs, maps and announcer pack.
    • Apparently Morrigan will be only obtainable by chest with some exclusive celtic themed items, probably the first of some new gods in celtic pantheon.

Skins (Not 100% Sure)

  • Cutesy Medusa


  • Xbox One Founders Pack Token


  • Arena S2 Tutorial
  • Joust 3v3 S2 V2

Clan Quest

  • Win 10 Matches This Week
  • Win 10 Matches In A Party Of 3 Or More
  • Clan Members Play More Than 10 League Matches
  • Clan Members Win 10 Matches This Week
  • You’ve won 20 competitive matches in League Queues during Season 2.
  • Clan Members Win 50 Matches This Week
  • Clan Members Win 25 Matches In A Party Of 3 Or More
  • Clan Members Play More Than 50 League Matches


  • I like you
    • I Like You Activity Trigger. Item whose acquisition triggers the Achievement Goals/Activities process. PURCHASE VALUE HOLDS THE REFERENCE TO THE ACTIVITY.
  • Reborn
    • Win a game of Conquest, Siege, or Joust after one of your Phoenixes was destroyed.
  • Come Back
    • Win a match where your team had 4000 less combined gold than the enemy team.

New & Updated Icons

New & Updated Cards

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