Sunday , 10 March 2024

Smite Datamining – New Goddess Bellona, Artemis Cavegirl, neith carnival and more!

New Goddess Bellona revealed with some skins.

Bellona – New  Goddess

Roman goddess of war, usually represented by Sword, shield, spear and torch.

Medusa’s head should be in her shield.

  • Basic Attack
    • Damage: 39 + 2/Lvl (+100% of Physical Power)
    • Progression: 1/.5/1.5x damage
    • Attacks with Shield and Sword (Swapping during progression).
  • Shield Bash
    • Shield Bash Block
    • Block one basic attack for each stack. Blocked attacks result in an explosion that deals 40% of the damage that would have been dealt to you.
  • Scourge
    • Scourge Heal
  • Spin To Strike
  • Should be able to “swap” stances between something, i guess shield and sword.

Artemis CaveGirl Gallery

Neith Carnival Gallery

Pirate Poseidon Gallery

Voice Packs


Skins Sales

  • Skin Sale 1/31 through 2/2 (700G)
    • Lil’Mana + Survivor + Obsidian Shard
  • Skin Sale 2/3 through 2/5 (700G)
    • Vocanic + Axe Murderer + Black Widow
  • Skin Sale 2/6 through 2/8   (700G)
    • Covert Ops + Dark Lord + Death Machine
  • Skin Sale 2/9 through 2/11 (700G)
    • Elite Agent + Solstice Hel + Gravehound
  • Skin Sale 2/12 through 2/14 (700G)
    • G.E.B. 1 + Heavy Metal + Infiltrator

New Cards Gallery

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  1. Neith Carnival Gallery – why in such positions show screenshots -№8, №9 this porn game?!

  2. Man. No offence Hi-REz, but carnival neith? Caveman Artemis? And, more pirates?
    There not bad, but I’ve seen better concepts of these respective Gods in their Gods and Concept forum section. Now if only they check there more often……

    Anyway, ncie to see we may have a possible new warrior. Well I hope its a warrior.

  3. btw you have wrote volcanic wrong ;D

  4. In the skin sales there is a skin called “Axe Murderer”, is this skin Slaughterhouse Chaac and they just messed up the name or is it some other skin?

  5. Is the “Axe Murderer” skin in the sales actually Slaughterhouse Chaac?

  6. I think a lack of accountability and a lack of respect for women, all those images that you expose…
    Anyway, thanks for reminding me a fucking society in which we live. I forgot that womens was just an objects for which stick a dick, sorry.

  7. Solstice Hel is not for 200 gems, is possible, that she will be for 200 gems later? Today is 2/10

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