Saturday , 9 March 2024

Smite new Olympus narrator line voices

Hi-Rez announced in the last past weeks Olympus map was going to receive some changes, we don’t have any clue yet but we are sure of something: new narrator line voices are coming.

Smite’s community has been requesting since long time ago Gold Fury & Fire Giant kill announcement.

New Narrator line voices

I have made a video (attached above) where you can listen some of the new sounds, we can split them in the following categories:

  • Order structures announcement.
  • Chaos structures announcements.
  • Fire Giant & Gold Fury slain announcements. ¡CELEBRATION!
  • Additional sounds (not in video):
    • Callout_Team (sounds like inaaaiaalaation).
    • Notify_Fatality (sounds like SSSSSSSSSSSSSSMIITEEEE).


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  1. None of those are new. They have been in the game for a good while, some have been there since closed beta. The “chaos” and “order” quotes are for spectator, the others were either placeholders or potential ones that never got used.

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