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Smite New-Wa PTS Datamining – Cabrakan, Diamond skins

New info about Cabrakan and some new content

/u/Hell_Shoot Images

/u/FAE_Rayo ‘s Cabrakan info

  • Skill #1 should have a knockback
  • Has a shadow zone + Aura buff or debuff. Maybe #3 ability.
  • Cabrakan Ultimate is a deployable. Can be destroyed, I guess if it impacts.

My guess on Cabrakan Ultimate

  • You deploy it, you can choose to break it by hitting it and then some rocks fall and hit enemies.
  • You deploy it, You can choose when to hit it and it’s launched around somewhere hitting enemies.

By understanding some files, any of them could be true since you can choose when to fire (or break), and there’s also a list of targets who have been hit by the Ultimate.

New Bundles

  • Christmas bundle || Jingle Hel + Father Chrishmash + Wreck The Halls (Probably for christmas xD)
  • Hirez Retro Bundle || Sentry, Blood Eagle, Diamond Sword.
  • Cold War Bundle || Red Star Athena + Ra-Merica Ra + USA and Russia Flag Icons
  • Robot Uprising Bundle || Death Machine + Metal Carnage + G.E.B. 1
  • Pirate Treasure Bundle || PrivaTyr + High Seas + 2 Treasure Chest Rolls
  • Ao Kuang All Rental Bundle || Rent Ao Kuang, his skins and voice pack. Ao Kuang with all skins and voice pack for testing new item rental code with a bundle that matches the sort of thing Tencent wants. GG Tencent, this text was in smite’s files, will probably be with every God

Diamond (Probably replacing Legendary golden skin)

  • Has 52 mentions, almost every god.
  • Nearly every Diamond word, there’s a God + this text: Unlocked by reaching God Mastery 10 and purchasing the Golden skin

Level Up

They added the button so I guess the migration will be very soon.

  • Level Up Migration Brazil
  • Level Up Precursor Latam (Discovered it was an icon)
  • Level Up Transfer Rewards

You can choose Brazil or Lat America i guess.

New Skins (Maybe)

  • Hades Nightmare (Not sure tho, if it isn’t a skin idk then).
  • Cabrakan Destroyer of Mountains.

Map Related

  • Olympus siege test. (Could be anything, so.. minor importance).

Hope it serves. I’m sorry because of I don’t datamine anymore but Hi-Rez has stopped almost it all since 1-2 months ago when they deleted the #1 resource from the files and you can’t extract it anymore.

Datamining won’t be the same since then.


  • 17:00 Initial Post.
  • 17:10 Added Bundles.
  • 17:34 Added diamond.
  • 17:58 Added Level Up and New Skins (Maybe).
  • 18:02 Added Map Related.


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