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SMITE PTS Datamining 13rd December – New Mystery Chest, fire giant, all odyssey items, Pirate Neith, Nerd Cabrakan and Angelic Thanatos

New PTS arrived and new datamining arrived, this one is full of new content.Lot of content, hope you enjoy.

Remember some of the info may change.

New Mystery Chest

  • Mystery Chest
  • Mystery Chest Other
  • Treasure Box – Mystery
  • Exclusive Mystery Chest
  • This chest has a 1% chance of getting an Exclusive item and a chance to get skins, wards, and voice packs.

New Conquest

  • Conquest New Design Test
  • Conquest New 2015

New Fire Giant

  • Chest, chest everywhere:
    • Introduction from chest.
    • Triggered by chest.
    • Set a chest opened.
    • Spawn from chest intro.


These should be all the future odyssey items

  • Neith (Already revealed)
    • Neith, the mistress of the bow and ruler of arrows, as some ancient Egyptians called her, was a goddess known best for war and weaving. The hieroglyphic for Neith means weaver, as stories tell of her creating the world by weaving it into existence on her loom. During times of war she was known to weave the bandages and shrouds for the fallen. In honor of Neith, royal women would have taken on her name to pay tribute to her achievements. 
  • Mayan Ward (Already revealed)
  • Copy of Sestertius Coin New icon for mayan odyssey maybe.
    • Another swashbuckler joins the crew, seeking adventure and booty!
  • Nerd cabrakan odyssey? Warning, the contents you are about to see are rated, NR, for Nerd Rage.
    • Cabrakan, the god of mountains and earthquakes. He was the son of Seven Macaw and Chimalmat. The Mayan god Huracan sent Xbalanque and Hunahpu to deal with Macaw’s son, Cabrakan, and his arrogance. The twins told Cabrakan about a great mountain and as the Destroyer of Mountains, he demanded they show him this wonder. On their journey the hero twins, equipped with blow guns, shot down some birds and seasoned them with poison. After eating the birds, Cabrakan was weakened, and the twins bound and threw him in a hole where he would stay for eternity.
  • Thanatos
    • Gladiatorial battles and death go hand in hand. In ancient Rome, mosaic murals were made to document gladiatorial fights that were truly outstanding. These mosaics would depict the victor and his name along with his amount of victories. However, it could also depict gladiators who have fallen. Deceased gladiators would have been depicted with a greek theta next to their name. The Theta, also known as Theta Nigrum (black Theta)  would stand for Thanatos, the greek word for death.


  • Get Your Ward On Bundle
    • Denton Balloon Ward Skin + Bobblehead Apollo Ward Skin + Wind Dancer Wrd Skin + Mr. Cactus Ward Skin
  • Every God Combo pack
    • God + his recolor.

Random Info

  • Viking Raider
  • The Colosseum
  • Odysseus’ Bow
  • Creepy Crawly
  • Toxic Caress


New Avatars

Mayan Sport ball

Pirate Neith Gallery

Nerd Cabrakan Gallery

Thanatos Odyssey Gallery

Apollo Curse Gallery

New Content Gallery

Voice Packs


Post Version

All times are GMT +1 Madrid, Spain (Europe).

  • 6:45 AM, Released initial post. Teorically no updates exptected, but may be. Check it around 17:00 for more, if there is.
  • 14:40 Added Apollo Curse Gallery under Thanatos Gallery
  • 14:40 Added Apollo VGS and VOX Taunts under Thanatos videos.

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