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Smite PTS Datamining 26 November – Awilix skill icons and fx, next odissey items and more!

New PTS and new datamining as always. This one doesn’t bring a lot of info but it does a lot of visual content, icons and new odissey items

I’ve opened Smite Datamining Twitter where i will be posting spoilers when I datamine and you will know when a datamining comes. Don’t forget to follow it!



Last info about her skills.

  • Skill – Moonlight
    • Got a buff
  • Skill – StarlightLance
  • Skill – Reposition
  • Skill – Mount Leap
    • Mount Buff
  • Skill – Jungle Mount
  • First Strike

Awilix Gallery

Hou Yi


Hou Yi Gallery


Some say the ancient Egyptians were inspired by intelligent life from a far off galaxy!


  • Serqet
    • Serqet has always protected the other gods when they are in peril. It has been said that when Ra makes his journey through the underworld each night, Serqet was never far from his side. The serpent Apep, who resides in the underworld, was watching Ra’s barge, ready to attack the Sun God. However, Serqet managed to help Ra to safety by restraining the serpent, as she has power over most venomous animals.
  • Sphinx
    • The Great Sphinx solemnly guards the pyramids of Giza, especially that of King Khafre’s. Some say the Sphinx’s sole purpose was for sun worship, as the lion was a symbol of the sun. Depictions of the Pharaoh smiting enemies as a lion have been found as far back as the Early Dynastic Period, some 5000 years ago. Around 1550 BCE, the Sphinx is better known as the Horus of the Horizon, representing the Pharaoh as a living version of the creator god Atum. The Sphinx has been studied countless times, as its exact age and meaning still remain a mystery. Some say the Sphinx has the face of Khafre, as his name was mentioned on the Stela between the beast’s front paws.

Bakasura League

This is a new skin for Bakasura, still unknown how to obtain it (Unless i missed something).

Edit: You can get it  by reaching Gold V or higher in ranked before 27th January.

Bakasura League Gallery


  • Monkey Business
  • Pirate
    • Anhur (High probability due to being ADC and shoots and only 1 skin – Refering to the odissey fire gun image)
    • Neith (High probability due to being ADC and shoots – Refering to the odissey fire gun image)


Serqet Alien skin

General Gallery

This gallery contains all new content (it’s not datamining, but feel free to use them)

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  1. Got a feeling, that baka skin will be a reward to people who are high placed in league, because this season should be ending December 31st if i’m not mistaken. And on twitter i’ve read that rewards are getting ready.

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