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Smite PTS Datamining – Chinese, Greek and Norse odyssey revealed, Chiron info

New Voice Packs

New Models

You can find new models by clicking here to access Model Viewer.


  • Movements
    • Dash
    • Leap
  • Passive – Herbal Medicine
    • Heal with stacks
    • The more stacks, the more heal
    • Collects herbs as he travels around the map, increases healing with the more stacks he has. Every time he uses an ability, the nearest ally with lowest health is healed, consumes one stack.
    • 10% Bonus heal per stack.
    • Heals per stack: 40 + 4 /god level over 3s
    • Max stacks: 3
  • #1 – Training Exercise
    • Deployable
    • Buff
  • #2 Spread Shot
    • Arrow shot Projectile
    • Slow
  • #3 – Charge
    • Copy of Vamana’s dash
  • Flare Explosion
  • Ultimate Projectile

New Skins

  • Bacchus
  • Aphrodite

New Achievements

  • Arachne
    • Arachnophobia
      • As Arachne, have your broodlings deliver the killing blow to an enemy.
    • Wrapped Up
      • As Arachne, successfully stun 3 or more enemy gods in a match with cocoon.
  • Rama
    • Ima Pro
      • As Rama kill two enemy gods while in your ultimate.
    • Ouch
      • As Rama cripple every enemy god in a single match using rolling assault

Announcer Language Packs?

  • English Announcer Pack
  • Caster English

Treasure chest

  • Trick or Treat
  • Halloween Chest

Odyssey Items

All Images are below

  • Chinese – Oct 13
    • Nu Wa Space skin
  • Chinese – Oct 20
    • Global Emote – Lantern
    • My party and I have not been in China long, but tomorrow we head out once again. Fortunately it seems that my stomach has settled and I will once again be able to function unimpaired. While I have spent a lot of my time here bedridden, it will be with a heavy heart that I leave China. This could be because I am fully aware that we have a journey that will take us across two continents ahead of us, but I believe its more than that. Tonight there will be a feast to commemorate our time here! I am not too familiar with Chinese traditions, but I believe, once the feast has been well and truly finished, we will be releasing lanterns into the nights sky. I can say honestly that I am looking forward to that sight, as Ive been told its quite something to behold!
  • Greek – Oct 27
    • Medusa iDusa skin
  • Greek – Nov 3
    • Khepri + Inuki Announcer pack bundle (Note sure if item to buy or 6 items reward)
  • Norse – Nov 10
    • Ratatoskr Fenrir skin
    • A sheep in wolf’s clothing
    • Upon arriving in the Scandinavian region, it was with great disappointment that I say I was missold the truth of the situation. My party and I travelled for days on end to reach this place as the commanding voice had informed me too. As we passed through towns and villages on our journey here, we began to hear legends of the great wolf that was terrorizing residents all across the area. We arrived in Teigebyen during the dead of the night with the wind on our backs and the snow no less than five inches deep. Straight away, we realized that something was disturbing the peacefulness of this village and sought to investigate. Poised with our swords at the ready, we swept the village house by house, searching for our foe. Screams from scared villagers lead our way to the beast and, finally, after an hour of searching, we had him cornered. He was snarling and howling as we neared him but, with a trembling hand, one of my party managed to pick him up by the scruff of the neck. His hood fell from his face and, hanging there in the nights chill was Ratatoskr, The Sly Messenger. My man dropped him out of surprise and, with a brief glance around at us, he darted away into the darkness.
  • Norse – Nov 17
    • Gnome Ward
    • As we had travelled all the way to Norway, my party and I decided to stay a few nights in the town of Teigebyen and celebrate with the local townsfolk. While the beast terrorizing their town was actually Ratatoskr in disguise, they were still incredibly grateful to us for vanquishing the Brann Hund, a name that theyd given to the terror. We took these few days to reflect upon our current adventure, and tell tales of our encounters with the brink of death. The locals were quite fond of these stories and, although I have my journals for an accurate depiction of events, I think its safe to say that the townsfolk of Teigebyen have a slightly embellished version of the stories. As we were packing up our gear to head south and continue our journey, a lot of villagers came out of their homes to bid us a farewell. Some even brought small gifts to show their appreciation for our heroism. Among the food, gloves, and paintings, a young girl sheepishly approached us and tugged on my overcoat. Kneeling down, she laid a small statue of a man in the palms of my hand and swore that it would give us good luck and allow us to see danger before it arrived.

New Cards

New Icons

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