Monday , 31 May 2021

Smite PTS Datamining – Ravana and Ratatoskr extra info, new zhong kui skin and many more

Been able to get some extra info with deep datamining, we know more about ravana, ratatoskr and new skins!


  • Has a Dash.
  • If Ratatoskr has an Emerald Acorn, this is the percent healing he receives from damage dealt by Acorn Throw.
  • Ability #1 shouldn’t have cooldown.
  • Ability #2 has root, slow and charges up.
  • Ability #4 charges up.
  • Has a knockback.
  • Has a heal.
  • Has a stun.
  • He’s an Asassin (Confirmed role)
  • He will have an animation with Denton and Miles in lobby.
  • Basic Starter Acorn for Ratatoskr
  • dummy effect group for tracking topaz targets.


  • Self buff
  • #2 Wave projectile
  • #3 Shadow Fist Projectile
  • Has a slow. (After hit)
  • Some projectiles.
  • Has a silence.
  • Has a debuff.
  • Has a self buff.
  • Ravana Offhand3 Projectile Fizzle
  • Ravana Offhand3 Projectile Trail

Treasure Chest

  • Nepal Relief
    • Each Yeti chest has a chance of unlocking one of the items displayed or one of the following skins: Black Widow, Volcanic, Solar Sentinel, Ravenous, Valkyrie, Wrath of Valhalla, Warforged, or Desert Queen.
  • Exclusive Yeti Chest 2

New Skins

  • Hercules (Skin 5).
  • Zhong Kui (Skin 3)
    • Ammobox
    • Helicopter
    • Missile
  • Thor (Skin 5)
  • Odin (skin 4)
  • AphroSkin
  • SobekSkin
  • Rataskin
  • Arachne v3 (Probably a new skin, since hi-rez uses v3 references to new model skin)

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