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Smite PTS Datamining – Welcome Ragnarok Odyssey and Xing Tian Info

Newest Smite PTS patch brings more info about Xing Tian

New Models

To see new god models, please click here and check the 3D Model Viewer under beta version. All new skins are currently added so you can search for.

Xing Tian

  • Heroic Charge
    • Xing Tian dashes forward, stopping at the first enemy god hit. He damages all enemies in a cone in addition to the hit target. While enraged, he also knocks back all enemies in the cone except the god hit.
    • Range: 40
    • Damage: 50,90,130,170,210 (+50% Magical Power)
    • Cooldown: 14s
    • Cost: 60,65,70,75,80
    • If enraged, all enemies in cone at end of attack are knocked back
  • Axe Sweep
    • Xing Tian first launches and attack with his axe, knocking the opponents into the air before attacking again with his shield, rooting them. If fully enraged, the Shield bash isntead disorients.
    • Ability: Cone
    • Radius: 50
    • Range: 30
    • Root: 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 s
    • Cooldown: 18, 17.5, 17, 16.5, 16
    • Cost: 70
  • Shield Bash
    • Knock Up
  • Enraged Sunder Armor
    • If enraged, sunders enemy armor on each hit
  • Sky Cutting Axe (Ultimate)
    • Buff
    • Ground Target
    • Debuffs
    • Cripple and slow
  • Unknown skills
    • Gain 20% bonus movement speed
    • Fear
    • Debuff enemies in a straight line ahead of you


New Odyssey

  • Odyssey Name: Odyssey Ragnarok
  • Odyssey Ragnarok Event
  • Odyssey file is now clean, we don’t know yet any content. Only old map still remains, so I guess we’ll be able to see more content soon!
  • Ragnarok is occurring during this odyssey, we will be protecting the world from the apocalypse. It works the same way as last year until 7th January 2016. Every item you purchase, you get a free odyssey chest. We also have exclusive gifts for buying X amount of items.


  • Joust
    • Boss Charge


  • Unable to connect to Steam

New Achievements

  • The Jolly Rodger
    • Won a match with all pirates!


  • Umbrellarang
    • Speed and Attack Speed reduced
  • Smoulder Rage
    • You have increased HP5
    • You are being healed

New Cards

New Portraits

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