Saturday , 29 May 2021

Smite Datamining 3rd December – New Sun Wukong icons, more Awilix, Hou Yi and SWC Digital Ticket

New patch new datamining, discover something more from Awilix and Hou Yi.


Her basic attack should have an AOE mode. Please, this is 99% speculation and is not clarified in files, due to my experiencie reading the files I could reach this conclusion.

Another theory for the mount in jungle:

  • Available to spawn something during in the jungle, not sure if her own mount, but should be something. As always, just speculation.

Hou Yi

Skill #1

  • Is landed into the ground, as mentioned in last datamining post.
  • Will hit once in the ground.
  • Hit walls, so it shouldn’t be able to fire through walls.
  • Multiple targets hits.
  • Should be able to travel in ground, probably something like an ymir #2 skill.
  • Cooldown starts once it’s used, not once the skill finishes (Like scylla’s #2).
  • Should be able to trigger Items reactions (Probably like mercury’s 1 with golden bow).
  • Should consume mana two times. Not sure about this to be honest, so don’t take it like a fact.

SWC Digital Ticket

Following content is what will include the Digital Ticket.

(This will be available for people that can’t afford to get Atlanta for the SWC and should coust around $25 through smitegame twitch channel, subscribe payout)

Sad moment for everyone who bought already the streamer icon bundle. Be careful since this could be a new different bundle.

  • Ares SWC Skin
  • Tyr 2015 Convention Skin
  • SWC ward Skin
  • Streamer Icon Bundle

Sun Wukong New Icons (or old, from placeholders)

Not sure if they will be replacing actual icons, but these are in there. As I know, if I didn’t miss anything, they havent’t been used in the past.

Edit: This icons could be the placeholders, I didnt see them when he was released or something, so I decided to upload them. I personally think some of them are better than current ones.

Ward icons

We all know these wards exists, I did the datamine for the first 3 and the rest 2 are ingame.

But icons weren’t public, so I posted them! Enjoy them in colour.


  • Added Ward icons

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