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Smite Datamining – New gold fury cinematic animations, more awilix and mayan ward

Small datamining with some new info, new gold fury, phoenix and minions for conquest map. There’s also a video with new gold fury animations for cinematic.


Hou Yi

Skill #1

  • Projectile
  • Can hit simultanious objetives
  • Has some effects when it hits the ground, or is in the ground.


Please, don’t understand the following lines like this is how awilix will work, but this is what I can understand from the files and I may be wrong:

Mount skill.

Awilix should be able to interact with something from the jungle related to his “Mount” skill.


  • Jungle Minions are “friends” while mounting.
  • Buff while mounting inside jungle.
  • Buff while mounting and fighting jungle minions.

Moonlight skill.

  • Something from this skill is pulled by some interaction.

Interesting facts:

  • Mount and Starlight are something like states.
    • A state is like the God is “doing something” and it may trigger things, usually followed by some steps (Athena ultimate,  athena’s dash.)

Random info

  • Any idea about Egypt_Golem? There are multiple sounds under that name.


  • Mayan Ward


As many of you already know, some of the following info has already been published, I considered it was released with almost no info about this, so let’s go.

Many of you got little hyped so I didn’t want to publish this until i got more information about this, so let’s explain this a little:

New conquest map is coming after SWC, we can expect the new map around Fall January or even february, if everyone goes well and Hi-Rez publishes it in a fast way.

This files are inside a Promotional package, this means that everything that is inside that is used for the Lobby screen, those tabs you can switch and see animations like friend referral, new skins, dance party..

This means that this new models will be used for new conquest gold fury, phoenix and minions but we can’t have the textures or some other things because they are for cinematics, Hi-Rez is already preparing everything for new conquest map so we can expect new info coming soon.

Consider that the content you will see are open to change or may not be used in the new conquest map, this may also be new minions,gold fury for other gamemodes and not only new conquest map, even if they are tagged as Conquestcinematic.


New Gold fury

The new gold fury looks detailed, looks worked in every detail and will be awesome once textures are applied.

I recorded a video with the cinematic animations.


New Phoenix

New phoenix has only one cinematic animation which couldn’t be recorded because we don’t have the skeleton. There’s only Gold fury skeleton and rest are.. let’s say “screenshots” of the model.

New Cyclops Mage

There will be 2 cyclops now, mage and warrior.

Wonder how will they work, but maybe an archer is replaced now by a mage cyclop.

  • Mage Cyclop: Long Range attack.
  • Warrior Cyclop: Close range attack.

New cyclops will also have reaction sounds, like surprise, scared.. Don’t know if they will be used for conquest map or cinematics only.


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